My experience with... Mistresses Blanche & Euryale - Part 2

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• The last third of the party: shared pleasures

I think that many submissives will be able to understand what I am going to say here: in a session with a dominatrix, even if we clean our wallets off, we still want her to enjoy and even leave her with a pleasant memory.

Here, I can't tell for the pleasant memory, but I know that they had fun, though on their own initiative.

- Sleeping at Mistress Euryale's feet

Right after the foodplay, I found myself at the feet of Mistress Euryale, as she told me to join her after I had got up to serve a few drinks, quite clumsily.

I started licking her foot with pleasure. But a little sad that I didn't have the chance to be around her "pure" foot. The latter had already been licked from everywhere by other tongues before me during the party.

It lasted 20 minutes or so. At some point, I was a little tired, and I really enjoyed just leaning with my face near her foot, or under her foot. It was my ultra-passive side that stood out. I even managed to fall asleep during my very first mummification, that says a lot :-)

I could have fallen asleep under her feet if I had let myself go. Feeling the pressure of her feet on my face is so reassuring, so comforting, I couldn't explain it.

I still ended up taking over the work with my tongue, guessing that she wanted me more active, even though I couldn't match one of the other two submissives in this field.

Great moment, that short moment when she rubbed both her feet on my face. It's humiliating and cuddly. My big little doggy side who likes to stay in the basket, curled up.

Same when you put your hands on my face. Mistress Blanche said I didn't like it, it's a little more complex than that. I love it, I'm in love with it, as it humiliates me a lot.

- Mistress Blanche's pleasure

Mistress Blanche took great pleasure in her feet being licked by the submissive who did it very well. So much so that the idea came for her to enjoy herself with a Magic Wand, simultaneously with this pleasure of the feet.

Mistress Euryale then took care of giving her pleasure with this instrument of the devil. A significant detail, at least from my point of view: she sat on my face to do so.

There, it's done. Anything can happen to me in my life now, I don't care. I have known a facesitting with a woman like her. See, the accomplishment of a life is not about much.

My face was dipped in her panties. And what a view I had. Sometimes she would plunge her satisfied eyes into mine, confused. Really, if I had to choose my death, I would like it to be suffocated like this, by a woman like her. I could have stayed for hours, stuck in her intimacy. She couldn't see it, but I was waving my legs around in all directions behind her back, so much I needed to evacuate my excitement.

All this was all the more galvanizing as I heard Mistress Blanche taking pleasure, and I felt Mistress Euryale taking pleasure in giving it to her.

- Mistress Euryale's pleasure

After Mistress Blanche, it was Mistress Euryale's turn.

Here again, I had the great honour of being in a privileged position. I was lying on my back, thighs joined together and brought back to my pelvis, to serve as a backrest. So Mistress Euryale had her back on my legs, her buttocks on my stomach, a foot on my face.

She was getting her foot licked by the talented submissive, she had a remote control in her hand to send electric shocks to another submissive. Mistress Blanche was above me, she was in charge of Magic Wand. I was under her dress, I had a beautiful view.

Sight nevertheless obstructed by a foot of Mistress Euryale on my face, which I held firmly, and which I took pleasure in licking. She discovered the pleasure of coming at the same time as playing with sadistic fantaisies, having the pleasure of giving electric shocks. She really liked it.

The Alpha female was no less vocal than Mistress Blanche a few minutes earlier. The scene had a very "orgy" feel. I feel very lucky to have been part of this moment so emotionally intense for them. I think it was one of those rare moments, not easy to recreate from scratch. There was a spontaneity in the air, a passion under the floor.

I must also say, what role I had in both situations. I could feel Mistress Euryale vibrate even stronger than Magic Wand. Delicious passivity.

- Jenny the virgin's pleasure

I remind you that Jenny the virgin is the little name they gave me. We were all still in the position of the above scenes, except that Mistress Euryale had come down from my body, but she had, I think, at least one leg over me. In any case, I was partially blocked, that I remember.

I remember that because Mistress Blanche, at some point, started tickling me everywhere. What a horrible thing! I was squeaking as I can do so well, against my own will though. At the same time, Mistress Euryale kept me from struggling too much. It was so pleasant, this restraint, this loss of control. Of course, I still got comparisons with a hysterical virgin.

I also remember a moment, before or after the tickling, when Mistress Blanche spent a little time on my penis. She enjoys slapping worms. It was so good to have to go through that, stuck between them, under them. I was very excited.

But I didn't forget either that moment, still in the same situation, when I had the chance to undergo a small raid of slaps by Mistress Blanche. I love slaps. It's humiliating, degrading, but at the same time it gets me attention.

Finally, Mistress Blanche also played a little with my nipples. I had always bee, always reluctant to that, believing that it bothered me, that it hurt too much. To my surprise, I took a lot of pleasure when she did it. It felt good in the pain. I felt like I was atoning through her fingers. I would like to explore this in the future. I thank her for that.

In short, it is a great feeling to be their restrained puppet. You never get tired of it.

- The fate of the other two victims

• Jacquie, the english-speaker

Poor little Jacquie. I think I was under Mistress Euryale's feet when Mistress Blanche told him to go on the St. Andrew's cross. She had put on special gloves, I think. I wonder what those gloves were. Electric shocks? Spikes?

In any case, it had not left him unaffected.

I can thank Jacquie, I consider that it is indirectly thanks to him that I was able to take part in this semblance of orgy with Blancheuryale and the demon named Magic Wand. It was because he licked her feet so well that Mistress Blanche wanted to combine this pleasure with masturbation.

Thus, both during the pleasure of Mistress Blanche and Mistress Euryale, he was, again and again, busy licking their feet. A practice that it seems to have elevated to the rank of art.

• Julia, the dog and sea lion

Mistress Blanche had personally taken care of him on the St. Andrew's cross. I think I was still under Mistress Euryale's feet (yes, I spent some time there). Again, difficult for me to report everything accurately and completely, but I know she played with him and electricity. But I don't know where the receptor was placed. His male organs; his neck?

In any case, it was with this receptor attached to him that Mistress Euryale was able to have fun with the remote control, rewarding her sadistic desires, while she was vibrating under the impulse of the Magic Wand.

- The worms' race!

After these great pleasures for the party's host, it was time to leave. The submissives began to activate to tidy up and clean. I had put my heart into it, at that time I still believed in the possibility of entering the personal service of Mistress Blanche, I wanted to make a good impression, better impression than that of the scared, clumsy and sometimes uninvolved little girl almost in spite of myself.

Once everything was cleaned, the three submissives had to get on their knees in front of them. Towels were laid out on the floor, well aligned.

Announcement: the only one who has the right to cum will be the first to do so.

It was difficult for the three of us. I'm going to speak for myself, but between the pressure of competition, and the proximity of the other two men next to me, it wasn't easy.

I was starting to do well. I was going to decide to enter into self-hypnosis to win everything in the blink of an eye, when I was overtaken by another submissive, Julia, the dog sea lion. Too late.

The hardest thing for me was not not to come, but not to receive the attention and the little strokes that the winner got. Little attention whore that I am!

5 - After the party, comes the the latecomer's luck

After the party, I found myself alone in front of them. The other two submissives had already left, while I was finishing my shower. Shower that I almost didn't take, having hesitated to do it at home. So I think I was lucky.

Once dressed up, I leave the bathroom to greet them before leaving. I have the impression that they were rather amused to see me dressed after these four hours.

It is true that with my clothes, my glasses, I reflect a very different image than when I am naked. Those who have seen me understand.

It captures the duality in my construction. Even today, I don't know if I want to become a punk in Thailand or president of France. I guess I'll end up being neither one nor the other.

They were sitting side by side. There, they each reach out to me with one of their feet. Mistress Blanche amuses herself with me, asking which foot I will dare to kiss first, and therefore which one I will leave behind. Typically the thing I'm unable to do: make a choice at the expense of someone other than myself!

So, proud as I was then to have the parade, kissing their respective feet simultaneously, without leaving anyone behind. Not stupid for a puppy!

Mistress Euryale said then that she thought I was close to crying, during the party, so much I seemed upset. Mistress Blanche disapproves. 10 points for Mistress Blanche!

I was indeed very upset, very easily reachable, but so far from being close to cry!

They then told themselves that it would be easy for them to make me cry, if they really wanted to.

I took this opportunity to confess to them, not without a stutter, that it was precisely because I was afraid of them, together, that I had wanted to see them in a party and not alone in the studio. It was perhaps this confidence that gave me the chance to suffer some of their abuses for another 20 minutes or so after that.

I don't think they'd like to read that (or they wouldn't really care about it), but I think they may overestimate themselves considering that two of them could make me cry easily (without physical pain, I mean). My fanciness and hypersensitivity at all levels also hide a certain mental from which it is difficult to dislodge me when I decide to hide in it.

The only time I cried in session, mentally cracked, was at Warsaw Prison. And she had to put in the resources, in addition to the exhaustion and fatigue of a 96-hour stay. Crying without any physical pain, clearly one of my best memories.

Well, I won't hide the fact that cracking up in front of them would be something crazy. Especially since I assume they wouldn't succeed, so I'd be ashamed of being wrong! Also, I wonder what makes them so confident about it.

• "Oh, it looks like there's a stain here."

I was still on my knees in front of them, while Mistress Blanche explained to me which way to go to take out the trash when leaving. Mistress Euryale seemed to be happy to distract me by waving her feet in front of me and on my right hand. It drove me crazy, I was losing it. It's typically the kind of scenery that stays in my head for weeks. I don't need a lot sometimes. But everything happens in the head in these situations, and it's so pleasant, and powerful.

Then, as the great genius I am, I point out to them that there is a stain on the floor. I was far from thinking that it would cause everything that follows. Well, I must admit, I don't regret it.

I then quickly found myself having to clean the stain, with a sponge and the strength of my arm. But impossible to get the thing out. Maybe it wasn't a stain after all, but a pattern in the fake parquet.

I was lying on the ground to do my job. My desperate situation seemed to amuse them. Mistress Euryale still had me distracted with her pretty feet. Not to mention all their comments about me.

That was before they got up to make me suffer even more. They plant their feet on me, on my legs and my body. And I scrub, over and over again. What a situation.

Here, I was all dressed up, even with my little glasses, which partly protect me from their gaze. So the humiliation and helplessness felt was different than the one that would make me disappear if I were naked and exposed to them, in the context of a classic session. But still. What a moment. I wouldn't want to forget it even if I was paid for it. One of those memories that is not for sell.

It lasted a while. It could have gone on all night that I wouldn't even stop scrubbing, not with them next to me.

It even ended with a little trampling moment, belly facing the ground. My leather jacket is pretty comfortable. It was quite a privilege to feel the weight of their body on me.

Wanting to get up after all this, I'm making an actual stain this time, because of the scratching of my shoes. Act No.2, I have to scrub this out. This time it's going away pretty well. But as with Act No.1, it is impossible to ignore their presence and their comments about me.

It was really a very beautiful moment, which I will remember for a long time. It is the intimacy of the scene that makes the difference. I come to wonder if I shouldn't finally dare, and come and see them as a duo. That would be something. If they saw me very upset and full of nervous quirks during the party, it would be even worse here.

As I write this article, my ribs still hurt, on the left side. What a pleasure.

I stop for 30 seconds in front of the door, I can't open it. And knowing they were right behind me put me under enormous pressure, I couldn't think anymore. They scare me so much when they're together, it's crazy.

After dropping the trash (the pledge of the last to leave), I headed to the nearest McDonald's, taking care to avoid crowd gatherings (it was the music festival in France that day). It's my savage side, I tend to get very uncivilized when there are too many people around me, and it was not the right night to get into trouble with a drunk guy. I wanted to stay calm and finish this article with my emotions. To write without thinking too much, even if it means regretting an excess of disclosure later on.

Anyway, the hamburger was good! Gustatory pleasure, failing sexual pleasure.

That was the first time for me that I had come out of a visit to a professional dominatrix without having come. It's much more tolerable, even pleasant, than I thought it would be.

6 - I told you... Mistress Euryale flies

I learned that Mistress Euryale was going to open an actual SM dungeon in Hong Kong in September. From my very self-centered point of view -as is all this blog- that's just one more reason to consider this intercontinental journey.

This is because I have no doubt that her place will certainly have a well mastered imprint and at her image.

I also learned in the 2019's summer that she is currently learning to fly a helicopter. That news amused me, as I remember very well what I wrote at the beginning of the article.

Thus, you'll think of Caroline Munro in The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977.

Oh, also: R2, R2, R2, L1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP. The cheat code to get the helicopter in GTA San Andreas.

With this, she'll also have enough to take the kidnapping scenario to a whole new level if she wants to!

7 - To conclude

Anyone who drinks this water will soon become thirsty again.

That's what comes to mind when I think of them. Still, I can't say I regret having drunk. Visitors, you have been warned.

I finished this article in two parts, when I got back from the party. I took a nap for a few hours in between. Guess who I dreamed of? No, I'm not kidding. I dreamt about them.

My only regret: I forgot to make them sign my little diary at the end of the party, in which I keep a written, illustrated, colourful and decorated account of each of my encounters. With my little collages and my little coloured pencils! Their signatures and a little inked note would have been very important to me.

First time I've forgotten something so important.

When I tell you that they blow my head off, me, alone in front of Blancheuryale.


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