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Welcome to my site and thank you for your curiosity!

I am a French student in Paris, passionate about female domination. My submission is not an escape or the exoticism of my sexuality, but rather a need, an evidence. It is the position that allows me to learn the most from and about myself.

I decided, in 2018, to tell my adventures and thoughts related to the BDSM universe. I like to write and express myself.

I've already experienced a bit of all the possible types of relationships in a D/s context. Now free of all ties, I think I'm just waiting to meet a special woman, who will know what to do with me and to whom I will be lucky to please. Until then, it will be a great pleasure to discover various talented dominatrix women in the world.

I really enjoy meeting professional mistresses, despite the  sometimes virulent and never measured criticism they can face from private practitioners. I love them for their courage, all that they give, all that they allow me to learn.

Big fan of bondage and fetishist of a thousand things, the domination-submission relationship takes me above all in the heart and mind. I live experiences, experience emotions and confront myself with an intensity that I can't find outside of these very special relationships.

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