I am a French student living in Paris, passionate about female domination. I started dating dominant female partners at 17 years old.

English is not my mother tongue, please accept my apologize for uncanny phrases or grammar errors.

This very early dive in this world brought me good things as well as bad things. Among the good ones, there is a widespread experience gained despite my age. Something that allows me today to do something I love: theorize, analyze and transcribe.

I began with private relationships only. I was into a strong D/s relationship for three years with a woman I will not forget.
My curiosity then led me to the quest of the professional domination world, where it is easy to meet exceptional women with an atypical background.

I am a huge fan of strict bondage and fetishist of many different and varied things and
I love meeting professional mistresses, despite the virulent criticisms they sometimes face.

This does not prevent me from having a very human, sensitive and intellectual vision on BDSM and the D/s relationship in general. I also deplore the too systematic opposition between the professional world and the legitimacy of the experiences it has to offer.

One of my ambitions in BDSM, if it's not belonging to a smart and rare woman, is to meet a professional dominatrix in every country in the world (at least, countries where it is technically possible). An original way and motivation to explore the world and not overlooking the pleasure.

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