In sessions, I am always looking for something unique to discover, or at least different.
An obvious intelligence, a real passion, a personality, an outstanding concept or an atypical or rare specialty. So far, my experience with professionals is limited. It will be a long-term journey!

I explain here why do I like so much to meet professional mistresses.

Please note: these articles are not there to rate or judge these women I met. That would be completely inappropriate. I just want to share my personal experiences and keep a concrete record of them. However, all the mistresses listed below are of high quality and do their thing with professionalism and pleasure. They're the only ones I like to meet.

I do not wish to make erotic stories, so my articles will not be as detailed as possible. However, everything is done to make you understand as well as possible the atmosphere of the meeting and the content of the session.


The countries below are listed in order of visit!


The first professionnal mistress I have met. I was lucky to find a passionate mistress and a malicious woman with a genuine open-mindedness.


I had the chance in her talented hands to discover the ABDL practice. She stopped her activity and did not wish to appear on my blog anymore. I thank her for her talents.


Dominatrix of the "fire" type with whom I was able to realize the fantasy of a VERY atypical fetishism. Then, a wrestling session, immersed in her unforgettable curves.


A duo of dominatrixes who love each other, it results in a splendid two-headed monster. I attended a private party that they were organizing. Great memories in mind.


Franco-American dominatrix, Inanna Justice is more of a friend than a woman I fear. Talented dominatrix, I like to be in her hands.


An inspired and inspiring mistress, Madame Lule is a more than accomplished woman. Seduced by her elegance, I didn't see her authority, expressed in a five-woman kidnapping, coming.


Maîtresse Blanche animated my conscious and unconscious dreams for more than a year before that session. It was my first proper Adult Baby experience. An exceptional one.


One of the biggest name in the UK. Spending a lot of hours under her control, I felt her delicious perversity and a real charisma.


Lady Daria is an outstanding mistress, creator and owner of an outstanding prison. A very deep and extreme experience. Too extreme?


Nanny Alice definitely is a woman you want to meet when it comes to fulfill your ABDL fantaisies. I met a passionate, dedicated and talented domme.

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