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My experience with... Mistress Aveena

Mistress Aveena is a professional dominatrix based near Paris, with whom I had the chance to spend a few hours. Click here to visit her website.

I first met Mistress Aveena in the 2016's summer, before returning to her hands -or in fact, between her thighs- a year later.

When I first faced her, it was my first experience with a professional mistress. As you can guess, this has gone with its share of clumsiness from me. Today, I would almost be ashamed of it!

I had chosen Mistress Aveena because she promoted her wrestling skills. Indeed, mixed wrestling is one of my favorite practices, and one of the few ones I had not yet explored at the time. In addition to that, her very detailed site where she talks a little bit about her put me in confidence for this first experience with a professional dominatrix. Somehow, it's comforting to know that there's a person well ahead of the dominatrix. Not every professionals speak about themselves and with sincerity (and it's understable why).


Well, the meeting took place. Very open and smiling, she knows how to put me at ease, despite an obvious tension and stress for this first time. A quick shower, a short informal discussion and finally a discussion about the final details for the session.

She switches positions on my body which has become a simple doll, forcing me to give up every time.

The wrestling then took place, and I quickly found myself trapped and powerless in her arms and legs. That's what I love so much about mixed wrestling: a pure physical helplessness while being as close as possible to the person's body. To feel directly the pressure of her parts on my entire helpless body. I think of this physical closeness as a privilege not without a feeling of humiliation caused by this forced submission.

As I was motivated to resist to her "for real", I quickly realized that it would be in vain. She switches positions on my body which has become a simple doll, forcing me to give up every time.

So now you have the information that she doesn't lie when she says that she practice wrestling. Between her muscular thighs, you can feel all her experience, no doubt about that. As expected my favorite positions were those where I was caught and stuck between her powerful thighs; or maybe the moments when I found my nose plunged into her smelly feet, with no chance of even squirming. Also, I have to mention that moment when she made me undergo a facesitting. For this particular session, her character of a mocking and playful dominatrix gave me even more pleasure in these humiliating situations.

Mistress' legs and feet on silk
Mistress Aveena's pretty legs

Then, after these several tens of minutes in a unilateral struggle, she pulls out ropes from her material basket. She then ties my wrists to each of my thighs, lying on my back, and I am immobilized in the most efficient way. Not easy to complete such a fast and yet efficient bondage! She has a real skill with ropes.

This takeover would not have been complete without the final touch I always love: the gag. She seals my lips with a few pieces of tape. From the position of the submissive that I am, there was no better situation than being tied and gagged to continue to suffer the physical domination of Mistress Aveena.

From then on, each inhalation is an imposed immersion into her intimacy.

Now totally out of control over my own fate, she makes me sniff her feet, smelly socks and worn underwear, as I had previously suggested it, as the big fetishist I am. With my mouth shut, I have no choice but to obey if I want to keep breathing.

From then on, each inhalation is an imposed immersion into her intimacy. I love a woman's strong scents, I'm a complete fan of them. As is often the case in sadomasochistic feelings, it is an unusual combination that takes place here. By being forced to sniff very strong smells supposed to be disgusting, I feel both humiliated, and privileged to be in contact with the most intimate smells of an intelligent and assertive woman. Rare and precious access to areas that are inaccessible in daily life in society. And of course on the top of that, I was very excited automatically, like any good fetishist, without even thinking about it. The odor-brain connection has an immediate physical effect on me.

I will always remember that she finally emptied her dirty laundry basket in the room, right next to me, before sorting out what was going to be used, with a few of laughs from her in a playful spirit. I was lucky to meet her for this specific request, for a first time with a professional.

Indeed, not all women are as comfortable as Mistress Aveena when it comes to playing with the fetishism of worn underwear and everything that has to do with scents in general -yes, I also had the chance to smell her armpits-. Here, my pleasure was all the more intense when I felt that she was completely at ease with this "torture of the senses" and that it even entertained her quite a bit. Even when it comes to paid meetings, the pleasure of sharing is always a priority for me.


The session of the following year was in the same spirit as what I just described, but longer, as I had also asked to be mummified at the end. This practice is huge turn on for me, and I had very little experience with it at the time.

Professional mistress with high heels and stockings

While she was supposed to leave me to my own fate the time I was mummified, after our hour of wrestling, what great pleasure it was for me to feel her -and no longer see her, the mummification even covering my face- coming to me with a bunch of worn underwear, again.

Even though I couldn't see her, I could guess the pleasure she took in covering my nostrils with several layers of intimate and smelly clothing. I even had to smell her smelly jogging shoes.

But before that, she had not failed to stick her very smelly foot right under my nose, while I was firmly mummified. I still remember very well that precise moment. Even today I have since not known a foot as smelly as the one she forced me to sniff that night, after a day's work. A very sharp and extremely intense smell. Just by writing it more than a year later, I am getting excited.

Only a few dominatrices in France offer these wrestling sessions, and I would very much like to come back and see her occasionally.

Also, in France, I haven't found a better personality for smell and worn underwear games. Mistress Aveena really is uninhibited about this and honors the open-mindedness she promotes on her website. In the perspective of shared pleasure, it is a real quality.

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