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My experience with... Lady Daria at Warsaw Prison

Lady Daria is a professional mistress based near Warsaw, with whom I had the chance to spend a few days at Warsaw Prison. Click here to visit her website.


This article will be built differently from my other experience stories, in addition to being much longer. The nature and intensity of the experience require it. I am already struggling to reconstruct a perfect chronology of events, so much I remain confused.

I had been planning to give myself this experience for almost 2 years: 4 days locked up in a BDSM prison, with a real 24/7 roleplay. I also realize that I may have thought and anticipated my stay too much. Classical mistake from me!

So, it was time to discover this unique place in the world located in Poland, a country with a rich culture that one of my law professors presents as the future of Europe.

The stay started on Monday at 9am and ended on Friday at 9am. I arrived in Poland on Sunday, and spent the night before my stay in a very nice hotel.

August 2019 update:

My article being very well referenced on Google, I feel like I have the duty to remind that everything that follows, whether it's good or not so good, is only MY experience. Come to see Lady Daria by yourself and you'll have your own opinion!

I personally have had a great experience, but it's always different for everyone.

As she said herself:


I've been interviewed about this stay by German femdom blogger, Lady Sas. Check it out here!


I have a lot to say about Lady Daria and the prison she created from scratch. In any case, I can easily say that this is by far the most intense experience of my life so far.

It's something that makes a strong impression. I had come in the hope of finding something stronger than myself and discovering a place outside the real world. I was served. I almost gave up and asked to stop everything twice. I am very glad I didn't do it.

Some of the visitors of the prison drop out along the way, although the majority are experienced men (over 50 years old). During our email exchanges, she warned me that her prison was one of the most difficult BDSM experiences in the world. I laughed when I read the email, I thought she was as arrogant as I am! I can tell you that now I'm not laughing any longer.... She wasn't exaggerating.

What pleases me the most is all the intellectual pleasure I have had. I was immersed in a universe and concepts thought and mastered from A to Z. Nothing turns me on more than that. I felt extremely privileged to be confronted with something so thoughtful. I didn't come here to have fun on a purely physical level. If I want that, I offer myself a session of one or two hours, where the dominatrix will make me come in the conditions requested. And I like that too! But here I wanted to confront something that hurts the mind and confuses me. A loss of control, as much as possible for me at this time.

I had indeed asked to focus my stay on mentally breaking me, in addition to a large part of bondage. I wanted to cry and crack mentally. I'm a hell of a masochist only psychologically.

She managed to make me fall much more easily than I could have imagined. And I didn't see it coming.


# 1 - Lady Daria

Lady Daria was actually the main reason I wanted to stay in Warsaw Prison. Even if I have always been fascinated by prisons since I was a child (I have seen several dozen films and documentaries on the subject), it is the Warden who has tempted me so much. While visiting her website, I had a great time just reading it. Passion, intelligence and a keen sense of detail are evident. It's so craving. By the way, I realize that I made the mistake of putting too much pressure on myself before the stay.

I left the place telling her that I was impressed by her creativity, intuition and cold intelligence. It's very rare to find all three at once in someone at this point. She has this spark in her eyes and this 6th sense that cannot be learned. You have it or you don't.

  • Lady Daria, the businesswoman

She is a very successful professional mistress. She provides a series of services like a factory with visitors from all over the world. After the 4 days with me, so the same day I left, she received several others clients for short sessions. Her business is so lucrative that she was even able to buy a car specifically for the trips of visitors who come from far away (a driver, who is her friend, picked me up at the hotel on Monday and dropped me off at the airport on Friday).

As a person, I am very focused on sharing and emotions even in paid meetings, so that's all I am supposed to be afraid of! I don't like to expose myself, physically and psychologically, to someone who doesn't consider you at all. I have too much respect for myself for that.

But the stay really showed that she clearly considers her clients. She encircles you and gets involved in the roleplay. I was very surprised to find that she remembered that I was a student, and that she also remembered the warning mentioned above, six months earlier. How does she do that?

I am impressed by such a combination of professionalism and a personalized approach to the slave. Maybe Lady Daria is a robot.

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I couldn't have believed that someone could go through sessions that much without losing quality, and at the same time keep so much energy and involvement.

  • Lady Daria, the mistress

Lady Daria is better than you. Period.

She controls everything. Not only her one-day slave, but absolutely everything. She sees everything, she thinks of everything, she anticipates everything. You can't manipulate her, or even make her take a slight turn. Of course, she reacts to what you give her. But you can never make her go to a field where she doesn't want to go.

What a pleasure it was for me, a silly little control freak, when I thought she had forgotten something, and I was proud to have noticed it... I was always pushed back into the ropes. She doesn't forget anything.

Besides, like I said, she sees everything. The slightest reaction or information you give her, without even necessarily realizing it, she records it and is able to use it later to even better make you lose control.

She has an absolute mastery of detail and leaves nothing to chance. I could only follow her in what she wanted for me, without any place for the analysis or interpretation of her actions.

Her creativity also means that she immediately knows how to react to unexpected events. She feeds on them and models them in her own way to always have the upper hand and take control of things. Did someone say genius?

Then, her very high precision and sense of detail mean that, through this, she covers the slave of attention, but in a hidden, implicit way. At least that's the effect it had on me, and what I appreciated the most about her as a mistress.

Also, she doesn't doubt herself, at least in her role (I don't know the person!) and she knows what she's doing. That's also why she can't be manipulated or destabilized. I would be very curious to know her background and how she got there.

Lady Daria is a dominatrix who not only gives you what you want, but also what you need. She has a formidable intelligence and an uncommon intuition.

  • Lady Daria, the professional mistress

You can feel that she has a real respect for the person who visit her, in addition to taking many precautions.

After 4 full days under her total control, it's not necessarily easy to move on and accept that even if I dreamed of her some nights in prison and I only thought about her constantly, the thing is over and that she already has her thoughts on the next client as soon as I leave her house.

She handles it with a lot of skill. During the post-stay discussion, where one could talk like two equal people, she gives way to the other without showing too much proximity, which could only maintain the trap feeling for a slave who would like to continue to get attention after the session.

But at the same time, she seems to fully understand the need for expression after such an adventure and leaves the door open for an email exchange if there is a need to express certain things. What a pleasure!

I have already experienced situations where I have been completely ignored by the dominatrix after the session, following a non-intrusive and legitimate message. It's disappointing and hurtful.

I consider this as a kind of necessary after-sales service included in the price of a professional domination service that claims to be of quality, as long as the message remains within the distance expected by the mistress and is not three feet long.

Here, no illusions, no frustration, just enough.


# 2 - Life in prison

Well, now that presentations are made, let's get to the point!

Me in prison, facing a Warden like Lady Daria, with a rather cold and strict style, it was a culture shock! I'm rather clumsy, childish and with my head in the air. I was boarding the wrong plane after my stay, I almost missed my flight! :-)

However, that didn't stop me from being seduced by everything that follows, even though I love a fanciful and colourful BDSM.

  • First steps in prison

As soon as the basement door of Lady Daria's residence is opened, the roleplay begins. It took me a little while to adapt, I had come in a much too relaxed spirit.

But when she started yelling at me and whipping me with my own belt, I started to understand where I was.

I can't remember the exact order of things.

But basically, she briefly introduces me to the prison and some basic rules, before ordering me to undress. I have to fold my clothes into a perfect square... something I've been struggling to do. I put everything on hangers at home!

So I had a limited time to pack my clothes properly. It didn't suit her, she threw everything on the ground several times, punishing me for every failed attempt with belt blows.

Once my things were tidied up, and I was completely naked, she started to go into more detail about the rules of prison and what was expected of me here. Then comes the time for showering and enema, detailed below in this article.

She then taught me how to talk to her. Punctuate all my sentences with "Warden". She also taught me 3 different positions: attention, relax and ready.

She is extremely credible in these different situations and I had a lot of fun in these long minutes of launching the stay. I loved everything she put in place in this presentation.

I think that's when she put me in chains. Chains on the feet, tied together with enough slack to be able to walk, and chains on the hands, also tied together. Padlocks and metal chains. It's cold, rough and it's having a real effect. The prisoner keeps these chains as much as possible during the day, even to eat in his cell, and even at night!

The same goes for the chastity cage. But I don't remember when she put it on for the first time. It was the first time in my life that I was confronted with this, and the effect on the mind is pretty cool.

In short, it was all chained and impressed that she then accompanied me to different places in the prison, to introduce me to the installations and their usefulness, not without authority in the eyes and sadism in the voice.

  • Prison routine

- Shower

At least twice a day, morning and evening. She's watering you with a garden hose. The jet is hot by default. But in case of bad behaviour, you will know the cold shower. I knew it once during my stay.

A towel throw always follows. You must dry yourself completely. She puts her hand over every inch of your body, hunting for wet places. If so... corporal punishment. Ouch.

- Enema The shower always ends with an anal enema. Every day, even when she doesn't plan to use your anus.... Just so you don't get a hint.

- Chains

It was one of my favorite moments every time. Several times during the day, she has to remove the chains from my hands and feet, for the need of certain games. Which means she puts them back several times a day.

I felt a certain intimacy in these moments, as well as a real tranquility. My favorite moment of all was in the evening. The chaining after the shower and before bedtime.

- "Yes Warden ; thank you Warden ; good night Warden"

I really liked that she expected the prisoner to always show respect and consideration for her. Especially since it's not always reciprocal.

Words that quickly become automatic and strengthen the omnipresent feeling of inferiority and dependence.

  • Prison's tools

By prison tools, I mean the "small" means at Lady Daria's disposal and used to punish, break, humiliate and submit. Some are set up by default, others only intervene in case of bad behaviour or errors.

I know I've barely explored half of it. It is therefore not exhaustive. Do not hesitate to stay yourself to discover these pleasures in more detail.... This is only my personal experience, not a presentation of everything she can do.

- Bucket Pee, poop.....

You may be forced to do your business under the watchful eye of Lady Daria. If she doesn't think it's likely to happen during the day, she sticks you against the wall and forces you to drink water. It's very humiliating, and it makes you very humble.

- Counter and penalty hedgehog

Lady Daria has a counter, each day reset to zero. With each "click", the counter climbs, which corresponds to the count of your errors. The first day, I made 8 or 9 mistakes, the day after 5, the day after 3, and the last day, 2 I think. I was happy to have made progress. But it's quite possible that she was less careful about the end, feeling that I needed to feel like I was doing the right thing before leaving.

In short, from 0 to 10, each number corresponded to the number of minutes I had to spend on the hedgehog penalty. For example, 8 errors = 8 minutes sitting on the hedgehog penalty.

It's a kind of chair with spikes. Every morning, I had to atone for my mistakes by passing through it.

I hated that moment! I didn't want to sit down. But it was also so impressive and pleasant to see that I didn't feel the power to disobey. Somehow, it's the kind of thing I love to hate.

I had a lot of trouble holding on. But what she didn't know was that I was suffering more from the muscles of my thighs than from spikes. That's why I was much better at holding it in the evening than in the morning... my muscles were warm. Though, the spikes are also very well felt... what a horror when the time comes to have to get up and feel the spikes coming out of my buttocks.

Anyway, it was a tool of punishment that I was really afraid of. So a very good tool for punishment. Knowing also that minutes can be added to the classic account of your mistakes, at her discretion.

- Way of eating

Meals are normally served on a plate, brought to your cell. But depending on the shortcomings in your behaviour, you may lose this comfort... I don't remember what mistake I did to have to eat like a dog.

A kind of porridge on a tray, made up of pieces of sausage, sauce, then what seemed to be semolina. She got me out of my cell and I had to crawl out to eat, head in my food. It's very humiliating, especially since she's standing right in front of me. I couldn't get started... So it was a lot easier once she grabbed my neck and plunged my face into the tray... I had a lot of it on my nose and cheeks. I couldn't humiliate myself more than that, so I started eating.

- Way of speaking

I didn't really know where to put this. I don't know if it's a tool as basic as the ones above that she applies almost systematically, or if it was more personalized for the needs she felt in me.

The fact is that she imposed a "silence day" on me. A day when I had no right to speak at all, not even to say thank you or obey her orders. I found the process extremely interesting.

However, I had difficulty fully respecting this silence day. That means I did need it.

  • Totally dependent from the Warden

- "Eat!"

All meals are served to you while you are chained and locked in the cell, in the morning, at noon, in the evening (around 6pm) and also before bedtime (around 11pm).

The sound of Lady Daria's heels going down the stairs makes me get up from my bed and put myself in the imposed position to receive the tray she will give me through the bars of the cell. Without showing any emotion, she leaves without even looking at me on a simple "eat!".

Each of these moments, I was both happy and impressed. It is the whole atmosphere she creates and her calculated movements in addition to her charisma that make each of her entrances respected. Especially since she wears a different outfit every day with real elegance.

I will remember my first meal for a very long time, Monday in the early afternoon. I understood that something strong was happening, when I felt like the happiest man in the world when she brought me butter bread and two cold sausages.

After the strong emotions of the morning, I was so hungry. And the symbolism of depending totally on another person for such an important need as eating is astonishing. Whether I like it or not, I eat what she wants, when she wants, under the conditions she wants.

The meal is also a moment of comfort for me, as the rest of the day can be hard and demanding. I never drink tea at home. The only time I drank it was to try it, 15 years ago. But there, I was enjoying my cup of hot tea in the morning and before bedtime. Plus, it wasn't just any tea! It was the one prepared by Warden.

- Boredom

In the morning when waking up (I could wake up 2 hours before she brought me breakfast, you don't sleep well in the cell), but also during meals, time can be very long.

These moments further contribute to reinforcing the feeling of dependence from Lady Daria. When she comes into the room, it's the sunshine. At last! Life, interaction! Attention! Attention!

There is absolutely nothing in the cell, except a bucket for my needs with toilet paper and water bottles. No internet or phone. A real moment of meeting myself.

One morning, after eating my breakfast and waiting for Lady Daria to come back, I made the mistake of thinking, "What would I do if I was really in prison to kill time?". So I started whistling tunes I loved, from Joe Dassin to Star Wars.

The noisy electric radiator in the room was on and she was upstairs above me. I thought she wouldn't hear, and even if she did, I don't care, it's my cell! You're not going to control my mind, Warden!

I quickly lost it when she came back to get my empty tray like every morning. Her eyes were black, she had heard everything. I wasn't even allowed to whistle in my cell and I was punished for it. I must admit that somewhere I really liked this very firm discipline. If it was a provocation from myself, it was not fully conscious, and I honestly regretted it afterwards. A punishment based on lines to be copied.... During a night when I seriously thought about giving up.

Anyway, boredom is one of the few rights you have in prison. But I find it a founding feeling and essential to the intensity of the stay.


# 3 - Interrogation at the beginning of the stay

This.... That deserves a dedicated part! It really impressed me. I loved that whole moment. Especially because you really feel that Lady Daria truly appreciates doing this. So my pleasure was only bigger.

Since we are in the context of a prison, interrogation consists in confessing things, which will then lead to punishment, a kind of treatment to remedy them. I strongly advise anyone wishing to stay in prison not to read this section. Keep the surprise!

This is the first thing that takes place after the arrival day setups.

  • Interrogation

The conditions of the interview vary depending on the program you have chosen and your preferences. So for me, it was a standing strict bondage position.

She put me in a straitjacket and leaned me against the bars of the cell. Then comes a whole moment when she uses many ropes to fix my feet, legs, neck, body, to the elements of the environment. The immobilization is total. She is very good with ropes. She does a thousand things with an ease that smells like work and experience.

She then sat down with things to take notes. She asked me a question that completely confused me: why did I come here?

What can I say to that but be completely honest? It's so hard to make up an answer to such a question without at least putting some truth into it. I immediately replied "I don't know", so I wouldn't have to tell the truth.

She wanted me to concentrate more, and blindfolded me. She said that this way I would have fewer distractions and be better able to answer her. She was right. I felt much more vulnerable, and with the pressure of not seeing anything, the pressure of her physical threats, I stopped thinking and answered the most honestly in the world.

I then confided things to her about me as a slave. Things I'm not necessarily proud of and not keen to describe here!

The fact is that having to expose myself to her in this way has really created a feeling of inferiority and dependence on her. It was great. It was so great.

I was able to see afterwards that she had actually taken notes. Unfortunately I couldn't see if she was writing in Polish or English. The kind of details I'm interested in.

Still deprived of my senses and once the questions and answers were given, there was a long and very pleasant time when she would assessed me and have fun with me.

It's hard to say more without explaining the content of the interrogation, so let's move on!

  • Announcement of the judgment

On the basis of the things you reveal to her during the interrogation, she then prepares certain things for the rest of your stay. Some punishments, some measures. Details, however crucial, that she could not have foreseen so easily before this important moment for the stay in prison.

After the interrogation, follows a moment of confinement where she prepares all this. Then she comes back and makes me follow her to her main room to announce her judgment in a solemn way.

It was a strong moment that also had a great impact on me. It announces certain measures decided without detailing their implementation during the stay. She wants to be the only one in control of the process.

It was at that time that she told me that I had to do my business in front of her, the silence day, among other things.

  • The usefulness of such a thing

I think there are a lot of generic things, which she applies anyway to all prisoners, no matter what they admit. And that's normal! The goal is to make the experience unique from the visitor's point of view, not necessarily from her own.

But I also think that this interrogation allows her above all to better understand the slave but also and especially the person who comes to see her. This gives her power and tools to apprehend and manage things that are not necessarily visible. There are some things that are not necessarily reflected in practices.

From the slave's point of view, as long as he lends himself to the game, it exposes him psychologically. Dice are rolled and keys are given.

In short, if Lady Daria manages to give the impression that the stay is truly personalized, and thought out in depth for the person who comes to see her, this interrogation may well be one of the reasons why.


# 4 - Activities in prison

Again, this is not all that is possible in Warsaw Prison. But only what happened to me.

  • Bondage, bondage and bondage

My program included bondage, as requested. Simple, intermediate and very advanced bondages and immobilization. There was everything.

- Freedom in physical helplessness

Lady Daria has many ways to physically coerce. Every day I found myself tied up, more or less in depth, I will not detail everything here.

Obviously, I remember first of all the 3 strict bondages she offered me. In any case, it was a great pleasure because Lady Daria has a very good sense of detail and a perfect precision.

Tuesday was a complete immobilization on my bed, using leather belts and ropes. In this kind of situation, especially since I am gagged, she never leaves me alone for very long. She came back to me regularly, also to add small additional elements each time. I loved it. Especially since she never failed to humiliate me in the process.

• On Wednesday (photo on the right), it was a feeling of even greater physical confinement, still lying on the bed. Immersed in a sleepsack, tightened itself by leather belts, but also other belts that passed under the bed to prevent any lateral movement. As the day before (I think), my head also immobilized using several ropes taking different rings from my neck collar. Here, she had also added a mask of sensory deprivation. A very thick and comfortable hood, which is very appealing....

Unfortunately, it didn't last as long as it could have. Mentally exhausted by mental games (see below), in addition to the total well-being and relaxation in which I was thanks to this perfect bondage, I had a series of micro-sleepings. At first I thought, "Well, what's that?"

Then I quickly started to panic. The sensation of waking up after a mental eclipse in a mask of sensory deprivation is extremely frightening. Several times.

The game then shortened and that's when I completely cracked mentally, when she took off my mask in an emergency. I was devastated and crying without even knowing why. Total mental fatigue, I just wanted to disappear. This state had come from the mental game that had taken place just before.

But I don't regret anything. For a dumbass like me who annoys himself by trying to anticipate everything and thinking too much, there is no better lesson than something that does not go as planned.

• On Thursday, my last day, strict bondage had occurred at the very end, in the evening. A splendid mummification standing up. I have known many more than one in my life, and it was the one that gave me the best pleasure. The one I dreamed of when I thought of perfect mummification, without daring to go into such precise details to ask a mistress.

She's really good. She even pulled out 6 or 7 rolls of brand new adhesive in front of me, certainly knowing well that she wouldn't use them all. But the visual effect is important.

First of all, carefully wrapped in several layers of black cellophane, industrial type, very large roll of a thick film.

Then she covers my whole body with adhesive tape over the cellophane, the big grey adhesive, with great precision. She ensures that the joints are perfect and that not a single centimetre of cellophane can be seen in the underlay.

Then she manages to move me to a kind of vertical suspension gantry, on which she leans me. She fixes me on the gantry with several leather belts, which goes over the mummification and behind the bar on which I lean.

It was a immense pleasure to feel these different layers compressing and constraining me. I couldn't escape even if my life depended on it.

This time I was without a gag. Surprisingly, I loved it. She was right next to me in the room, keeping busy on her phone, but I wasn't allowed to talk to her. She ignored me, but she did not fail to titillate me verbally here and there.

Finally, she removes the belts, which were moving a little too much, and replaces them with new layers of cellophane that attach me entirely to the bar on which I am still leaning. I felt so good then. A real ultra-firm cocoon. I could spend hours like this.

She then puts on a soft and light mask, with a zipper at the mouth, which she closes with a sigh of relief. I am surprised to see how effective the symbolism is. I felt more humiliated and powerless than with some actual gags.

The end was a glimpse of paradise. She gives me pleasure and excitement with a male sextoy that I can't describe or name. At the end of the moment, the pressure really increases.... And I ended up coming.

It was the first time in my life that I enjoyed it through an accessory, without physical contact. It was incredible. I felt metamorphosed into Niagara Falls for a moment at the time of the explosion. The thing that makes the difference is also that the intensity of the toy remains exactly the same when I am coming.

My moans were very sharp and uncontrolled. A pure happiness, thanks to a total physical helplesness and this accessory of the devil.

• Apart from these 3 bondages which require a lot of care and preparation, I had the great pleasure of being tied in many other positions during my stay. She is very good at immobilizing body parts with ropes attached to environmental elements. A single leg can take up to 3 ropes, in opposite directions, so that there is really no slackness possible.

In any case, it was always something very pleasant. She has this little thing that makes everything special. Once again, her precision and attention to detail are so pleasant for the type of slave I am. Nothing can make me feel more dominated than her way of doing things.

Also, my pleasure in BDSM is above all intellectual and psychological. That's why I wanted to see her, and I was served beyond my expectations. I had erections caused only by a sentence from her or the sound of her footsteps during an isolation. But I'm getting out of line here!

There are many other things I would like to detail in the practices where I was tied. Especially on the first day (I think), when I had my arms suspended above me, standing, blindfolded and gagged, collar stretched by ropes at the four corners of the room so as not to move my head, and where I could only feel Lady Daria going around me when she let me actually feel her. Most of the time I had no way of knowing where she was and what she was going to do to me. I loved the stress.

There were many bondages where she was then in a position to torture me with electricity and beatings. It was great. I am thinking in particular of a morning when I was tied to the ground, back on the ground, legs in the air. Delicious torture with kinds of electricity waves on the testicles, on different intensities.

Anyway. Lady Daria knows how to tie someone up.

- Sensory deprivation

I'm going to have to be careful in the future.

Because of the panic I had in my sensory deprivation mask due to micro-sleepiness, I was rather afraid of being locked up again on the face, with a gag in a mask, whereas I usually love it. The accumulated fatigue (bad sleep in prison, ultra intense days) and my mental cracking also did not help.

But even today, several days later, it still scares me a little bit. I guess it'll come back.

Fortunately, on the last day in the morning, she used a mask that I loved (picture above). It inflates from the inside, with just a big hole for the mouth. If you breathe through your nose, you feel like you're drowning. It was really great.

Finally, during the mummification described above, the very last activity of my stay, I was in such a febrile mental state that even a very imposing gag or a thick mask could have made me panic again.

Fortunately, I got this soft and light mask, with the zipper over my mouth. The symbolic gag.

I'm thinking.... If she did this on purpose, anticipating that I could panic again with a more restrictive device in a situation of immobilization... If she really thought about that to choose this mask and not another one... Then she actually IS a robot! That would actually explain everything.

In any case, I am very happy to have had this panic and to have mentally snapped in front of a mistress like her. With some others, it could only get worse later on. Anyone can hurt someone, that's the easiest thing to do. It's another thing to know how to manage the person once it's done.

  • Corporal punishments

Big topic... I didn't expect to get beaten up so much when I came to prison. At the time of my judgment, I was "sentenced" to a minimum of 100 beatings per day.

Pain is a strange subject with me. And Lady Daria noticed it. She doesn't even know how right she was. She was surprised that I was so cozy despite my tattoos. It turns out it's actually worse than that. My tattoo artist told me that in her entire career, she had never seen anyone put up with it as easily as I do. I just manage to put myself in the right mental state. It's all in the head.

I have something that blocks a little bit though with the hits in BDSM. I anticipate too much, so I can scream more from fear than pain when the time comes. But also, I anticipate so much that the blow seems twice as strong. It happens in my head AND on my skin.

Thus, depending on the degree of anticipation and other factors, my reactions are not always proportional to the intensity of the blow.

Lady Daria had to adapt to this, which is not necessarily easy. Before this stay, I had never fully realized this issue. So I learned about myself when I came to see her and I really like it.

Now I want to make progress in this area. Especially since I don't doubt the full potential I have in terms of pain management. Because it's all in the head.

Anyway, I was sentenced to a minimum of 100 blows a day.

When she told me the first day, I didn't believe her. I was sure she was just saying that to scare me. It seemed too big to me! But no... again, she was serious.

Against all odds, and despite my reactions that she may have had difficulties interpreting, I liked it. I enjoyed shedding a few tears under the pain. Even if it was actually more the pressure I put on myself than the real pain.

I didn't expect to tolerate that, because in the blows, I'm much more of the style to take a huge blow that comes out of nowhere once, than 100 blows divided into tens with crescendo intensity.

However, I was unlucky. I am much more enduring on my back and chest than on my buttocks. My buttocks are very thin and I don't have a single gram of fat. But she sheemed to prefer my buttock :-) .

All this also applies to electro torture.

My reactions were so unreadable that she finally believed that I didn't like the electric chastity cage, when I loved it, as for some others electric devices.

Anyway, I'm happy. In another context, in a short classic session, I could never have taken such a step towards pain and understood myself better at that level. I already think I know what I need to do to fix this. I'll work on it.

  • Humiliation

Clearly, if humiliation is your thing, you can count on Lady Daria as much as for anything else. I choose to no talk about what I had previously indicated in my questionnaire, it is of little interest to talk about it. I actually prefer to focus on what she does without being asked to.

• Something that I really liked (in the sense that I didn't like it, of course, we stay on the field of humiliation...), is that she seems to enjoy analyzing aloud the behaviour that you give her to see. And for me who always try to (too much) control my image, it's very humiliating!

For example, the first night, she made me sit on the penalty hedgehog, to show me that I was wrong not to take her seriously enough, I managed to show almost no emotion at all. I had succeeded in applying a self-hypnosis technique that I know well. I had cut myself off from my physical sensations. Unfortunately, I was too febrile to do the same thing in the following days.

Well, certainly surprised to see that I was not giving her any sign of pain or discomfort, she started making fun of me by describing aloud what I was doing, as if to underestimate things and keep things in hand. Well, it works pretty well... It also distracted me, and I couldn't find anymore the mental state where I was in at the beginning of my hypnosis.

• Another thing she seems to like is to humiliate the submissive with his own fluids. Saliva, seminal fluid, cum... Everything is recycled on your face.

I must admit that it didn't leave me unaffected... I can't do anything when she is doing such a thing, and that's where the delicate pleasure of humiliation is.

During my only and final ejaculation when I was mummified, she took pleasure in making me a pretty sperm mask. Maybe a new range of cosmetic products.

• When I talk about humiliation, I can only think of something. I'm going to remain enigmatic, because it's such a VERY atypical thing. Myself, who is still very open-minded, I am almost ashamed. Almost!

Without knowing it, she came close to realizing a great and very humiliating thing that I have never dared to talk about in 10 years. This is the second time I've ever been so close! The first time with a friend five years ago, and now this.

It's annoying! I challenge myself: if I have to come back to her in an appropriate session, I will tell her about it. Because it's something she seems to appreciate herself. She does it naturally. She had warned me to do something she hadn't done in the end. THE thing! MY thing! I had waited until the last evening of the last day. I don't know if she was bluffing when she told me about it or if it slipped out her mind.

Well, in any case, it is always a pleasure to be humiliated by such an intelligent woman.

  • Anal comes back through the back door

I had no luck with my very first anal experience. She was a friend, and she had gone way too hard. Since then, I have remained very fearful with this practice, despite an anus very much trained by myself before this first time.

I also learned that an anus can retract. A few years ago, I could bring in dildos considered very big. I was something like 17 years old. I had selected the size below in my stay questionnaire, just to be sure. And finally it seems that I have to start from zero again!

In short, I had asked Lady Daria, if she felt okay, to try to reconcile me with this practice. There were really two different days.

On Wednesday, I had a lot of fun with what she did to me. She had gone to get the prostate. It was pretty crazy. I even thought at one point that I was going to ejaculate. I hear it's possible.

She had also put an anus hook on me, attached to my neck collar in my back, for the mental game that followed, and it was quite pleasant.

• Thursday, disaster! At the very beginning there was something that hurted me badly, most certainly a nail, then there was a very fast movement of in and out with fingers that scared me.

From there, I completely blocked myself and after that I couldn't take the pleasure bus of the day before. I really wanted it to stop and I cried. But no pain, I don't even really know why I cried.

I must also say that there were many disruptive factors for me: she was with an officer I didn't know, so I was much less comfortable than with Lady Daria only the day before. I trusted her totally.

Also, I had just spent the worst night of my few last years (see below, I almost gave up), and above all I was still mentally exhausted from the day before, when I had fallen apart following a mental game. I was so febrile that morning that it even completely screwed me up for ruining that anal game when they didn't care at all. I was alone in my own little drama, as I often am.

I don't blame anyone, neither them nor me. I consider that these things happen. Also, I certainly should have communicated better about that. Not necessarily communicate more, but communicate better.

For my defense, the first bad experience years ago I'm talking about was really very traumatic. But I guess it's my problem, not theirs.

In any case, I remember the right day, Wednesday. I had a lot of fun, pleasure, and I wasn't afraid at all, thanks to her.

  • Other pleasures

Little tricks, little details, but I really liked them.

Lady Daria has a rather cold and distant style of domination, direct physical contact with her is rare... and therefore so precious. I love so much physical contact with the mistress.

I think I will never forget that moment when I tried to avoid a slap (a serious mistake...), before I found myself on the ground, unbalanced by my dodge. She jumped right on top of me and stuck my head between her thighs in leather pants. You can't even imagine how great she looks in leather pants. It was very humiliating to be stuck in front of a woman like her, in addition to being totally helpless. My hands were tied behind my back and she was applying real pressure on me.

In the same spirit, on the last day, when she was with her officer, I was lucky enough to find myself for a moment with my head dipped in her butt. I love it so much.

Finally, during a game where I was tied up, with an absolutely magnificent electric torture, back to the ground, thighs in the air, I tried as much as I could to get away from her, who was right in front of me.

She kept grabbing the ropes of my thighs to bring me back to her, I slipped on the floor towards her. I don't know why it affected me so much. I loved it.

There are so many other things I could develop, including gags, which I love so much. But I have to move on in this already very long article!


# 5 - Mind games

Lady Daria presents herself as an expert on the subject, and says she really likes it. For my part, it's well on its way to becoming my favorite practice now. The effect is incredible.

I had asked her to be mentally broken, that I wanted to completely break down, and cry, even begging her to stop.

I honestly thought she wouldn't make it, or with great difficulty. It turns out that she succeeded earlier than she thought, and that I hadn't seen anything coming, unlike her. So much so that I didn't even have a chance to beg her.

She impressed me with her level of analysis and understanding. As mentioned earlier in this article, I completely fell apart while I was in the middle of a strict bondage. I asked for the right to speak to explain what had happened. I was completely shocked when she told me that was what she understood, and that she saw it coming. At this moment, I felt so small in front of her. It was great. How does she do that?

  • Game

Anyway. So I cracked on Wednesday, but it started on Tuesday. Everything she does is full of details. I will only summarize the main points here.

I am chained ankles between them, hands chained behind my back, and I wear an electric chastity cage. She defines a rectangular perimeter in a room. She asks me to walk a hundred steps on this perimeter, so I walk in circles. She's timing the time it takes me to walk a hundred steps. I had to count out loud each step I took. I had walked a hundred paces in 1min03.

She calculates in Polish and tells me that I now have to take more than 8000 steps. So I guess she had planned for 1:30hrs. Each time I make a count error, I will receive an electric shock and I have to start again at 0. You can only validate steps from 100, so if I make a mistake at 98 steps, I start again at the beginning from the last undread.

I couldn't take her seriously. I was convinced she was bluffing. I couldn't see myself taking 8,000 steps by turning around (and changing directions every hundred steps), counting each step aloud.

1000, 2000, 3000 steps... I finally understood that she wasn't bluffing. I had to take all these steps in front of her, chained feet and fists. But because I hadn't taken it seriously, I was in a state of mind a little too chill. I made a lot of mistakes, I lost my balance sometimes, I tried to talk to her.... I was far from the expected performance, despite the interventions of the electric chastity cage.

In the end, I had only taken 3500 steps in about 1:30. Against everything I had anticipated, she didn't give up. She tells me that given the situation, I will finish my 4700 steps the next day. She did not fail to blame me and pointed out everything that was wrong with me during the exercise.

It hurted my feelings. I was able to bend her bloody game with no mistake and in the greatest concentration. I just didn't want to! And I was going to prove it to her the next day. That was my mistake...

Ok, the next day I succeeded. 4700 steps in certainly much less time than 1:30, with only one mistake, with in addition a anus hook forcing me to stand straight. The day before, I have made 20 or 30 mistakes. I was ultra concentrated, and the electric cage discharges left me with no emotions nor fear.

I was so proud of myself. She had a lot of tricks to try to distract me. She played childish songs from 0 to 100 to disturb me. She had even recorded the sound of my own account and then broadcast it in the room. It's very disturbing when you have to count yourself out loud.

I was laughing well inside myself. So Lady Daria, do you see what I'm capable of? You're gonna need more than that. I have an above-average ability to concentrate, which is a pity for you!

The trap was precisely to make the game a success to perfection. It's true that after that I was very tired. But I had done my best not to show anything, proud I was!

I really didn't see anything coming.

  • Tears

So it was during the strict bondage that followed the exercise that I cracked. Too tired, too lost, too weak, too vulnerable... I didn't understand what was happening to me. I just wanted to stop completely.

However, I think that my panic in the mask of sensory deprivation, caused by my micro-sleepings (themselves caused by my fatigue from playing) has accelerated the thing. When she took the hood off my face, I dropped everything, like a trigger. But it was calm and regular crying. Some sort of tranquility.

The real cracking came 10 minutes later. She had wanted to put a hood over my face, this time a very light one, after 10 minutes of respite, still in my strict bondage. But now I ask her to remove it immediately, and this time I break big time. Big uncontrolled sobs, with wet throat clearings. I didn't understand what was really happening to me, but it was fine. It was even good, somehow.

It was so good to drop everything. Drop what? I don't know. Why? Who knows. Who cares? I needed it and it happened. I cried without shame, without restraint, without control, and it was fine.

At that moment, I really saw Lady Daria in a different way. Wow. She had seen everything. She had seen me focused like never before during the game. And while I thought I was winning, she was actually winning.

But what impressed me most about her was actually everything that follows after the mental breakdown.

Once released from my bondage, which was no longer working for me, I went back to her main room with her and she immediately put me back in chains and in a chastity cage. First shock. I loved it. Even in such an extreme situation, she never stops. No gifts. It continues, always. It was a great moment for me to see myself in chains again in such a state of psychological weakness. I had calmed down, I wasn't crying anymore, but I was empty from the inside.

I loved those several moments of the day when I had to be re-chained. That moment was the best of all. I broke you prisoner, and now you're more mine than ever before.

Second thing. She asks me if I exceptionally want to have access to my phone to call someone. I'm declining. But once again I was so surprised. The simple fact that she is proposing this means that she is fully aware of the full scope of what she is doing. She understands all that she does and all the issues involved in such a borderline practice.

Third thing. So there comes the necessary rest in my cell, improvised and longer than usual. She comes to bring me a much bigger meal than usual. At that time, I was overwhelmed with total recognition. For something as boaty as food. But I wanted to take her in my arms so much I wanted to thank her for this attention. Or rather, to grab her leg on my knees, to stay in the spirit of the game. But locked in my cell, chained, I just thanked her with my eyes and ate.

Clearly one of the best moments of my stay.

But please know that I always adapt to my enemy. If I have to come back, now that I have seen how smart she is and how relevant her analyses are, I will be able to upgrade. I just wasn't ready to find someone like her. I'm ready to really play. I won't be fooled that easily.

And if I have to lose, and I hope deep down in my heart that I will lose, then the cracking will only be more violent and beautiful.


# 6 - Isolation

Isolation was one of the things that scared me the most before I came, being a slave rather of the attention whore type. It was a very pleasant discovery. Like everything she does, Lady Daria manages it very well.

  • Solitary Box

The solitary box is a large vertical box where you stand, designed in such a way that you can plunge the person in the complete darkness.

I was locked in there for an hour or an hour and a half, I don't really know. Lady Daria isolated me inside after I cracked mentally, of course after a while of rest and a good meal.

She told me that she had planned to do it under more difficult conditions, but that given the situation, it was no longer necessary. I wonder what she had planned.

My arms were tied behind my back, and I was plunged into complete darkness. Difficult to get attention in these conditions, when she is in her house upstairs.

I was able to keep myself busy for a while by hitting the wooden walls three times with my head at regular intervals. I knew she could hear me from where she was. At least I knew she wouldn't forget me, ah! Let's call it the first phase: rebellion.

At some point, certainly halfway through the duration of my isolation, she came to see me, routine check, opening the small horizontal window at eye level. She leaves immediately by tapping 3 times on the outside wall. So yes, she can hear me when I do it. But she also shows me that she doesn't care and that she even plays it.

From then on, I didn't even want to do it anymore. So I was entering a new phase: silent exasperation. She couldn't hear me anymore, but I still had uncontrolled rales because I was so tired of it.

Then came the third phase: acceptance. I wasn't moving, I wasn't grumbling, I was just waiting for Lady Daria impatiently. I had accepted my fate.

It was pretty strong. The two times she came to me, halfway through for the check-up, and at the end of the term to get me out, I had an erection. So happy.

  • In-hole isolation

In the isolation room, Lady Daria has a hole dug in the ground with a metal door. You can be lying entirely in the hole, or just have your head sticking out.

While I was in Lady Daria's main room, she made me put on grey clothes. Tracksuit pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, socks. She told me that it was brand new and that I was the first to wear them. I must admit that I was proud of this little achievement :-).

It's very cold in this room. I was sitting in the hole dug in the ground, with just my head exceeding a hole provided for that purpose.

She gags me firmly with several adhesives. Great pleasure. Finally, she handcuffs me over the bars, so that I can't touch the electric chastity cage I had on me at that time. It put a lot of pressure on me. I love it.

She told me she could launch electrical charges from her house, upstairs. I don't believe her. I noticed that with each discharge received, she was always in the basement, not far away. Anyway.

The fact is that receiving discharges on the cock in such a situation... hard to feel more helpless. Also, even though Lady Daria tends to impress me a lot with her presence, it was tenfold with the view from below I had when she came to see me. She had become a giant.

I'm plunged into complete darkness, it's not lit like in the picture. She's trying to scare me. She's getting there. She lights up her face right next to me with the flashlight on her phone. She knows I'm easy to freak out and I hate anything that's a horror movie.

It was a very interesting and rather strong moment for me. Again, the kind of thing that only develops a sense of belonging and total vulnerability.

  • Chaining post

I didn't really experience this chaining post as an isolation like the two above. Here, it is true that Lady Daria has come to see me regularly. And for good reason.

On my last day, Lady Daria and Officer Ana (present for 7 hours during my stay) tied me here, so sitting on the straw, pants down and cock in the air. Lady Daria had made me put on the same grey outfit described above. I was there again in the dark.

I'm almost ashamed that I was so scared the first time... I guess they had left a speaker behind the closed door. At one point, I hear a sadistic woman's laughter right next to me. I was really scared.... Physical fatigue, mental exhaustion, then especially my tendency to get wet for everything related to these atmospheres. I shouted spontaneously and called Lady Daria to help me, that I could hear not far away...

Lady Daria and her officer come to me and pretend nothing happened. It was pretty funny. I knew I wasn't crazy and I understood that it was a little game.

After that, it continued. When I had regained my tranquility, I now heard a man's laughter. Then again after that, footsteps. I must admit, though, that the footsteps scared me, even though I knew it was only a sound. In this context, it's really not comforting.

After that little game, Lady Daria gagged me with a very effective ball gag that I loved very much. All the time left, I was just thinking of her and waiting for her to come and free me so that I could be in her presence again.


# 7 - I almost gave up twice

At two moments, I was not far from asking to stop everything. But I don't want to dig in it. First time in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. I had create an entire situation all by myself, bringing back old demons. Second time Thursday at noon, for much, much more futile reasons. But I was mentally very weak on the last day. During the lunch break, I used self-hypnosis to completely change my state of mind, which allowed me to regain enthusiasm.

I just want to say that I am very happy and proud that I didn't give up. Once I get out of the insane intensity of this roleplay (which is very quickly much more than just a roleplay), with just one night's retreat, I feel so far away from all that. I would have terribly regretted giving up.


# 8 - Why I want to come back to Warsaw Prison

- Warsaw Prison has the power to destroy you.

Has anyone ordered a loss of control? It's this way. This place is just crazy.

- It is always fascinating to see someone so sadistic and so full of kindness as a person.

I expected to leave prison with more answers about who she is, I only come out with more questions. A perfect example of exceptional women that I talk about in my article about the pleasure of meeting professional mistresses.

- It is a life experience, not a BDSM session.

That sounds silly to say.... But it was nice to spend 4 days without a phone, without internet, without television, without any distractions at night except yourself and your thoughts.

- It puts you in front of yourself.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is an intense experience that allows you to find yourself. And in my case, it breaks me down to makes me bigger again.

- Now I am ready to go even further.

I had a very strong desire to give up, then I experienced the after-stay hindsight that made me realize how ridiculous it would have been to do so. Thanks to this, I know I can go further in the things that are difficult to bear. I want to go further. I love to fight. Bring me some difficulty!

- Possibilities are endless with such a mistress.

Lady Daria is so exceptional that she is not limited either by her space or by her equipment. Nothing excites me more than a person's intelligence, and there I am subjugated. I know that each experience with her will be unique. I think she's an extremely rare mistress. I hadn't planned to come back to see a mistress in my world tour. But now I don't feel like I can do otherwise.


# 9 - Why I don't want to come back to Warsaw Prison

- Warsaw Prison has the power to destroy you.

That's right... it works both ways.

- This is not the best place for someone very sensitive and emotional who needs to express things... too much.

I'm quite immature emotionally, a real adult-child side. Since I was a child, I have always been intellectually more mature but less emotionally mature than the average of my age. In prison, I felt the need to express things that were unnecessary and even unwanted. Something that could annoy Lady Daria, who is not the most receptive to this in the roleplay. I have a tendency to sometimes emotionally weigh on people. I'm working on it. If I come back, it will be with a better approach at that level.

- I am 24 years old and I already feel like I have touched the best in terms of BDSM experience... so what's next?

I think I have to be careful not to get lost in such strong experiences when I still have a lot to learn as a person. Wouldn't I better try to find simple pleasures again? Will I still be able to enjoy classical sessions if I become a prison's regular visitor?


# 10 - In the end, Warsaw Prison...

In the end, Warsaw Prison was the light of my summer. In tears, loneliness and sweat, I found myself. After this unique experience, I felt more peaceful and stable than ever in recent months. I was able to drop everything because of this difficulty, and it did me a lot of good. An extreme rest, a rest that falls on me like a concrete block, for me who is not the most skillful in managing my emotions and to take some rest... However, I don't want to hear about BDSM for 3 weeks :-).

I haven't been well lately! For several months, I had no energy and I wanted to give up everything, after having lifted mountains to take control over my life which used to be a drama movie. I couldn't fight anymore.

In pain and adversity (but also so much pleasure!), I not only found myself, but also recovered. I have confidence again. Ready to return to my demanding life where I enjoy giving everything for my dreams.

In short, an exceptional adventure, an incredible mistress.

I will conclude as follows: "Don't fuck with Daria." The biggest Oz fans will get the reference.

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