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My experience with... Maîtresse Atika

Mistress Atika is a professional dominatrix based in Paris, with whom I had the chance to realize an undisclosed fantasy for more than 7 years at the time. Click here to visit her website.

No, you won't see Mistress Atika's face, she's hiding!

This article will be special, as I will elaborate a little bit on the first session with her, without revealing the fetishism that was at the core of the session. Even under the cover of an anonymity, it's still tricky to admit it! Myself who have never been afraid to meet myself and reach out to my fantasies, I have nevertheless had to wait more than 7 years to allow myself to live this one.

It is with great pleasure that I will return to see her again for something more common but no less exciting: mixed wrestling.

• Maîtresse Atika

Mistress Atika is a bit of a symbol of the approach I have to these sessions with professional dominatrices. I had put her website aside in 2014 because I felt a lot of passion. I sent him a first email in August 2018, for a first time in March 2019. Let's just say sometimes I'm in no hurry!

What attracted me the first time I read her website (her blog, at the time) was her emotional profile, which I guessed very well. A profile that I would draw up in this way: Mistress Atika is very expressive, spontaneous, knows how to connect quickly with people and gives off a lot of human warmth. If I am the water, she is the fire.

I like to meet all the profiles, this diversity in my meetings is what I like best, but some of them are more adapted than others to certain practices or a certain atmosphere.

In this case, when I had put her blog aside, I was thinking about wrestling, facesitting, everything that involves being completely stuck, sucked up by her, her smells and her very feminine curves. But I didn't know yet that I was going to see her for much more than that.

pieds, fétichisme, paris

When I asked myself, in 2018, with whom I could try to live my so atypical fetishism (see below), the profile of Mistress Atika quickly stood out for me. Through what she says about her, it was easy to guess a highly free spirit, a woman in a true share, curious and open to everything. Or at least, allowing herself to think about everything.

I was right about that. While I could easily have been refused for such a fetishism, Mistress Atika accepted my request with curiosity and kindness. I felt so grateful to her.

I was going to be able to experience a fetishism that had been tormenting me for many years. I've never told anyone about it before. It's now a fair secret between her and me! I hope that like doctors, dominatrices are bound by professional secrecy :-)

After the session, I was lucky enough to be able to chat with Mistress Atika for 15 or 20 minutes by chance. Among other things, we were able to discuss the very practical aspects of her activity, which is something I am very passionate about. Dialogue with her is easy, as I said, she knows how to connect with people.

• The famous "unspeakable" fetishism

Believe me, If "even me", with the enormous open-mindedness I consider to have, I consider this fetishism to be very out of tune, it really is, even in the SM world.

Something that says a lot about it: even the Internet (...INTERNET!) remains very silent on the subject, so much it seems to be excessively rare to be sexually attracted by it. Of course, it never appears in any of the practices listed by a dominatrix either. I think that even male perversion professionals are far from suspecting an attraction for such a thing, even though it is a part of their daily lives!

An unachievable fantasy that I now have: to come and meet a new mistress in session who even if it means cancelling what was normally planned, restrains me and launchesa very "persuasive" interrogation to force me to admit what I have to hide here. Unrealistic, because it could only happen if I would share it with her before the session... which ruins the surprise effect, the ability to turn my brain upside down, and the enormous helplessness I would feel.

I would feel so lost... As I say, a real fantasy.

Maîtresse Atika and a female submissive

A moment I will always regret... I almost experienced this fetishism in a completely natural and spontaneous way, in a private relationship. I was 19 years old, and I spent a few days in the second home of a young dominant woman (K., if you read me...). A woman to whom, moreover, I owe a lot for many other reasons and who I do not thank enough.

I was mummified on the ground, she was busy reading on the couch. I was starting to say my usual silly things, as the kind dumbass that I am. She started threatening me with EXACTLY what I was dreaming of. I calmed down in front of her threats and didn't dare to "provoke " to see the scene come true. Regrets!

Anyway, I'm sorry to be so enigmatic here.

In any case, I can say that I am very happy to have trusted Mistress Atika for this fantasy. And of course, I thank her very warmly.

She very well understood my expectations and how to use the leverage to allow me to literally plunge into this exciting deviance. The "finale" was great. It will be very difficult for me to forget her hand pressing on my face (of course armed with the famous mystery that I continue to keep silent) as I close the show.

It's always a very powerful feeling that I feel after allowing myself to live such an offbeat fantasy. I'm naive enough to consider that this will be one less thing I will have to regret on my deathbed. Indeed, I am not afraid to die, I am afraid I have not lived enough (Mr.Nobody).

Well, now far away the fears of death, let's stay on the pleasure. I hope to meet Maîtresse Atika for another session... a wrestling session. I mean, look at her!

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