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My experience with... Mistresses Blanche & Euryale

Mistress Blanche is a professional dominatrix based in Paris. Click here to visit her website. Mistress Euryale, for her part, is based in Hong Kong. Click here to visit her website. I had the chance to participate, with others slaves, in a private SM party they were organizing.

A small first for my blog, I start writing a few weeks before the meeting. They are two persons who, through their intelligence and intensity, inspire me with many things, even before I meet them. It comes just in time when I receive more and more compliments from readers who love (thank you!) my strange blend of analysis, description, opinions, confidences, in my experiences. Good, because here, I do have something to write about.

Moreover, it becomes difficult to write with an open soul when I know that the persons concerned are likely to overlook the article. At first, this blog was 100% anonymous, I was writing about a mistress without even saying it. But I have to ask for permission for the photos... Well, here in this case, I doubt they'll take the time to read beyond the quick check of the photos. That's a long read.

I had known these two dominatrices for about three years. I remember the afternoons with several submissives they were organizing at that time. I have in mind a design with Mickey (or Minnie), in particular. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, I had never tried to meet them before today.

The fear before the party

What scares me is that I can easily guess a very high intelligence in these two women. And that... nothing could make me more envious, but also run away, in this completely unbalanced context of a session.

Being quite emotionally reserved, not wanting to expose myself, the fact that someone can read inside me and fully understand me drives me crazy. I like to stay hidden. Hence this fear, but also fascination (basically, that's what I seek and like), for the cerebral dominatrix, intuitive and brilliant, capable of potentially using what she understands or guesses from me, against me, against my own will.

In fact, the reason why I preferred to meet them at the private party with other subs, than alone in front of them as a duo, is because I don't dare to face them together, alone. And yet I have already had sessions with several mistresses, up to 3 vs.1!

But here, I don't know, I feel something different.

The others submissives will serve me as "shield". They won't be able to focus their attention on me alone. Phew, saved.

1 - Mistress Euryale

James Bond Girl; the archetype of the femme fatale. Alpha Female, as she likes to say.

I have a real problem with the systematic validation of a woman's appearance by men who call themselves gynarchists, so I leave you to your opinion on this, I refuse to fall on this pitfall.

I don't even need this aspect to validate my comparison alongside Pierce Brosman. A brilliant woman, sophisticated, educated, creative, enterprising, martial arts enthusiast, her apartment in Hong Kong decorated with art works... She just got out of a movie, really. And she knows it very well, which only makes her more impressive.

What strikes me as well is that she changed her life and moved (alone?) to Hong Kong at the age of 26. Not everyone can do that, really not. It requires, at the very least, being very strong in yourself and having been able to cultivate your real independence. I like to use the term to cultivate your solitude.

There are people like that, it seems like they're moving forward in life like in GTA San Andreas with cheat codes. They fly, Mistress Euryale flies. I understand why she likes to turn her submissives into worms. She can see them crawling from above, from where she is.

As always when a person amazes me, I wonder what could have been her life story. It fascinates me, I want to understand. To understand is to learn, to learn is to grow up. Then I read that she was, before, androgynous. And now I don't understand anything! Or rather, I understand that it is difficult to capture her.

I really think that no one is perfect, everyone has their flaws. But there is no doubt that for some people, these vulnerabilities are much better hidden than for others. Do yourself a favor and discover her very interesting blog.

First of all because it is rare to find a blog kept by a professional dominatrix. I reread the same articles several times and subscribed. First time in my life I've subscribed to a blog! Usually I always have something to say, I'm not a very simple boy. Lack of relevance, lack of depth, lack of nuance... Not there. It is a great pleasure to discover what she can think before, during a session with a client. Even her few roleplays are great to read, they are not swollen with emotions. Also, she writes well.

She also writes about her own desires and what makes her thrill, something I have never seen in such detail and rigour from someone of her position before. It's so precious. I loved her article on restraints.

I admit it, I am completely ignorant about the mechanisms opposed to mine. I fail to get into the head of a dominant female and understand what pleasure she gets from this or that. Gosh, who would want to tie up when you can be tied up? :-)

Her article provided me with answers I never suspected about the origins of sadistic fantasies. I was far from thinking that submissive and dominant could be so close in their mechanisms.

I look forward to enjoying my triple morning coffee in front of her next article.

I heard she was writing a book. I wonder what the theme could be, is it D/s oriented? Maybe not, her universe is wider than that.


Who wants to board on a flight to Hong Kong? Sure it's a long trip, but flying 30 hours round-trip just for a few hours of play, psychologically, it can be a very interesting experience (you feel it the masochistic personality, there?). It obliges you to reflect and make this experience more than just a SM pleasure, but a entire whole. Somehow It forces you to rise up.

Meeting her during a session in Hong Kong, in her partly equipped apartment, so in her world, it must be something.

I was a little doggy in a former life (really, I'm not kidding), so get into petplay with Mistress Euryale is added to my Christmas list. Actually, it also works for any other practice she likes.

Mistress Euryale, like Euryale, one of the three gorgons of Greek mythology, who petrified with a glance. It's true that this name suits her well.

Mistress Euryale is, as she says, an Alpha. So Alpha that it is a pleasure for me to use her own words, a pleasure to continue to show my deference, when she is no longer even there to see it.

You are going in her direction, because it is the natural order of things.

She makes you want to respect her, if not admire her, even if she would never know about it.

You'd go to war for her. Well, I know I'd do. If there is no war, I will just read her words. It's safer, too.

Before the party, I hadn't anticipated that she would reach me that much. I like it when I can't anticipate. Her glance doesn't petrify me, but it spells me out. She's warming my heart somehow. She makes me want to reincarnate in her handbag.

She shakes me. During the very last exchanges before leaving, when I was talking to her about the pleasure of tasting her sock (see below), I couldn't bounce back on what she was saying in response. I was stunned, seeing her addressing me in such a spontaneous way. I don't know if she noticed it.

2 - Maîtresse Blanche

Maîtresse Blanche is the water under a bridge, I would say.

Water under a century-old rope bridge, when you can't swim.

She is not the avalanche, but the ravine.

Understand here that she radiates a true intensity, which contrasts with her calm, serenity and smile. She is one of the beings whose sharpened but extremely contained mind releases waves all around them, as a compensation (I am able to see these waves, but I know you won't believe me :-) ).

I observed that she was pretty much of a night owl. Perhaps she is one of those wild spirits that the moon calms.

You can see that she almost never shows her face entirely, and yet agrees to make herself recognizable. It's the eyes or the mouth. She makes herself rare and precious. She hides to catch better. Well, at least she catched me.

Before meeting a pro domme, my choice is made several months efore, or even years before. Sometimes I don't consider myself mature enough for a particular profile, a particular experience, so I put it aside, and I wait, I live. This was the case with Maîtresse Blanche. Small shrub will become a tree.

Before the party, I had developed a lot about what inspired me about her website and the world of her communication. I learned in the meantime that she was redesigning her website, so I deleted this passage, sparing the anachronisms. I'm just telling you that she inspired me with a lot of mystery.

Trying to guess who is hiding behind a virtual window is very reassuring to me, I feel more able to plan and even protect myself, especially for a profile like mine, very -too- focused on observation and not at all on prospecting (not that I am proud of it). I know what I'm getting into. Except with Mistress Blanche.

The weeks before the party, I read and reread the little review on her website. A review that led me to believe that she is a woman who likes to choose her words and for whom the aesthetics of a scene is very important. But that's all.

Then, this impression on the very mastered selection of her words, the expression of a more than rigorous mind, was confirmed, when I saw her tweet in the middle of the night, delete, then retweet the same thing a few hours later, slightly reformulated in form and content. It made me laugh (yes, I don't need much).

Two months ago, I contacted Mistress Blanche, in a rash move, to find out about the Masses she organizes, as the religious game enthusiastic she is. But it scares me as much as it attracts me. When I see pictures of her in religious attire, I freak out completely. I didn't dare to go through with the process :-).

I was also thinking of discovering waterboarding with her, a torture technique in which the US Marines don't last more than 7 seconds before giving up, when they try to do it for the challenge. It attracts me a lot. My ultra-masochistic side, psychologically, well hidden behind my silly side. I want to ride the limits. I would have full confidence in her for such a borderline practice. I would have really enjoyed doing it with her, because she says she loves these choking and drowning games.

• "You are too late"

Around June 10, Mistress Blanche searched (again) for a domestic slave, a minion, dedicated to the housekeeping of her place and her dungeon. I had seen the ad on, a site whose aesthetics and freshness is sometimes inversely proportional to the quality of the profiles you find there. Proof of this is provided in this case.

I saw the offer the same day she posted it. But I wanted to give myself time to think before applying, to be sure to make a choice of reason. I wanted to think about a lot of things, that's one of my flaws.

Three days of reflection after her offer, I'm applying.

It was already too late, she replied that she had received a mass of applications and had conducted interviews in person, the day before my email.

The gif you see summarizes well the 2 phases I went through:

- first, the sending of my application;

- then, reading her answer.

It brings me down to earth, a big reminder of the tough competition among submissives. In the last two years, I myself have made the affront of declining interest in myself from dominant women, for whom I did not feel anything really special, or for other, more practical reasons. I do not know how to refuse without hurting people who, in this context, are not or only rarely refused.

And then I take a huge L for a role that can be considered "inferior" to a D/s couple relationship, for example.

4 reasons why I wanted to be at her service so much:

- Mistress Blanche seems to me to be a very intelligent person (very very).

Being accountable to a mind as bright and sharp as her own, who sees everything, makes you dream. A person's intelligence is the only thing I can admire, the only thing that attracts me. It is also what potentially allows me to move from submissive to real slave, once I enter a relationship. I can only open my pure slave soul to someone rare.

- Moreover, intellectually, this role would have stimulated me a lot.

Because it is new compared to everything I have ever known, because submission is all the more important in the absence of a direct and systematic counterpart. Also, it would have been the perfect counterweight to my little idle artist side, sometimes too important in me. I think having obligations to her would have maximized my potential in other aspects of my life, really.

• Also, being able to evolve in a woman's personal home as she is, being involved in her daily environment, would have been like a small privilege for me, a pleasure. And I say that without exaggeration. There's a real thing between me and a woman's intimacy.

Me trying to apply

Bring me near a woman's bedside table like Mistress Blanche, her tissue box or kitchen accessories, and I'm almost thrilled. Because it's different, that's all, I can't explain it.

This is how I have always felt with women I respect, in general. A mystery to me too, I don't understand. You'd think I was meant to be Batman's Alfred. Or rather Batwoman's. Catwoman's?

• Beyond all this, taking care of others is a way of taking care of myself. I realize that, more and more. I plan to return to my volunteering activities. I had to give up because of a very complicated year in my life, but now things are back to normal.

Anyway. Too bad for me :-). The man she selected met his time, everyone deserves their time. And above all, even if I had a chance at the casting, that's not it all. There's nothing to say I'm suitable for her.

Anyway, I'm going to keep sailing.

If I cannot have the pleasure of the heart, a relationship with a person who inspires me; I will continue with the pleasures of the head, the various episodic and unanchored encounters.

It's good to sail, too.

... isn't it?


I write these lines right back from the party which is now over.

Because Mistress Blanche had told me in her reply that she had taken a minion on a trial period, I told myself that there was still a chance. Half warrior, half dreamer. Never stop playing in extra time, Ole Gunnar Solskjær will tell you. The trial might not have been conclusive during the 10 days preceding the party! I was thinking that maybe she would take advantage of the party to test me.

Not knowing what questions she could ask the candidates (or even if she did, in fact, I don't know what she was judging on), I prepared all day long from 10am to 6pm. I studied the methods of cleaning different rooms of a house. I learned to worship white vinegar. Of course, I also reviewed the proper maintenance of the equipment and facilities used in a dungeon.

All this, both in theory and in watching YouTube videos to get an overview of the practice.

When I have a goal in mind, I want to consider all the possibilities and prepare myself as best I can. Preparation is the key to everything. I will quote Gary Player, a renowned professional golfer: "The harder I practice, the luckier I get".

I haven't always been very lucky in my young life, that's why I like to practice so much.

But nothing happened... No luck?

I did not fail to remind her about it after party, but the answer, from what I understood, did not leave room either now or in the future, if the position were to become vacant. Not interested. Ouch, my self-esteem said.

It hurted a lot for two seconds. I couldn't even control my reflex to go out loud, wispered "okay, I'm moving on". I was hurt I don't deny it.

Well, that's it for this opportunity. Check and mate.

A young woman, also dominant, whom I really appreciate (Eleonore, if you read me...) told me that I idealize too much Mistress Blanche. I agree with her. But I'm not sure I have a problem with that, basically. There are people for whom idealization suits very well, and I think she is one of them.

Be careful though, with this idealization.

Indeed, I like to say that the slave of his passion is never abolished. Hey, that's me!

To be really honest, my heart a little heavy right now.

It's been so long since I've been interested in an opportunity. It would have been a perfect fit for me, even in the long term.

Come on, I'll get over it. Anyway, I don't have a choice.

Then even if it doesn't pass, it's the little melancholy that adds poetry to life.

I know what to do to try to comfort myself and dry these tears. I'm heading to England this summer, in the centre of London, a small stay in a special nursery. Looking for softness, and fish and chips. But above all, softness. Scrootch scrootch.... I hear the sound of a thick diaper.

• Anyway

Mistress Blanche didn't choose a gorgon as her name, but she would have done it and it wouldn't have shocked me.

I love to capture people's eyes, the eyes are an open book, for those who know how to read the elusive. On the other hand, nothing humiliates me more than a woman's eyes immersed in mine, in a situation of helplessness. That's why I always tend to run away from their glance, unless I'm told otherwise. In which case, it is then a great and forced pleasure.

However, nothing delights me more than that, when it is the right person, where the stage of humiliation is exceeded, giving way to the only pure passion. True and complete submission, liberated and liberating.

Come on, I uncover myself: Mistress Blanche makes me want to finally stop thinking, just listen to her, and follow. And to endure. But above all, give to her. That's certainly why I wanted to serve her so much, especially her, and not necessarily another one.

It's pretty rare for me now. I've got a little wounded animal side, or wild troubadour. It sounds very cliché, but I myself am just an accumulation of antinomic clichés, I think.

In short, if Mistress Euryale makes me go to war, Mistress Blanche makes me want to put armor and shield down at her feet.

Imagine, then, what a problem it would be for me, alone in front of them. What do I do now? Well, I'm going to war without armor or shields, and that's why I'd feel more vulnerable than I can bear :-).

This conclusion about the Mistress Blanche does not surprise me in any way. That's exactly what I had felt before I even met her or discussed it by email. I'm wrong about many things, but never about these.

3 - Blancheuryale, the duo

I'm less afraid of the Russian mafia than I am of them.

At night, if I see them on the street, I take the other sidewalks and look down. Even in broad daylight, actually.

Approaching them together, in the ultra unbalanced context of a session, alone, is as much an absolute fantasy as a nightmare of real humiliation for me. I couldn't even look in their direction if I were their only common focus. I'd lose my mind. Tetanized! Too many big brains in front of me, I disappear underground.

The mere fact that they had the will to contract a distinct name for their duo is, in this case, significant. Blancheuryale. It is indeed a two-headed monster. A very elegant two-headed monster.

The comparison that amuses me a lot is that of Sangoku and Vegeta. I find it relevant on many points. But I will no longer insult them by comparing them to such masculine figures.

The power of their duo, and the reason I didn't want to miss them, is that there is a strong intimate relationship between them. I don't know any more, I don't want to venture to use a word that wouldn't be the right one, but we know in any case that they don't sleep in separate rooms when they see each other.

That's what I felt during the party. It's very smooth between them, it seemed like they were interacting with each other as they could have done if we weren't there. In this way, it changes the sometimes too "work colleagues" impression that one can have in a session with several dommes.

It was also smooth between the three submissives, for the very little interaction that there was between us. I have the impression that there was a certain mutual consideration, without mistrust.

They really seem to have found each other. I sincerely hope that they will go a very, very long way together. I love seeing people who have found each other so much, it makes my heart warm and it spoils my mind. It gives meaning to things that may not make sense ohterwise.

They are both, as I had anticipated, very clairvoyant and intuitive. They saw very accurate things.

4 - The party

Each guest had to bring a bottle of champagne, in addition to the traditional "gift". Then I had an idea.

香 槟 酒 (Champagne)

Even if it's nothing at all, it's been a long time since I've felt the desire to create for someone (but I still have a soul, right, I'm fine!). I must admit, they touched me. But none more than the other, it's interesting.

The last time I created for a woman, it was a large painting I had painted. It had taken me several dozen hours of work. There it is, my idle artist side. I wanted to surprise my Mistress. She was proud of me, so I was proud of myself. That was more than three years ago now.


I like the creative process, it's the most malleable of vectors, it's comforting for me. Well, maybe not as comforting as mummification or a well gagged mouth :-).


There were only three subs to the party, one having cancelled the same day. It's not so bad for us, it was more comfortable, more intimate.

The party was held from 8pm to midnight.

• The first part of the party: mutual introduction to each other

When I enter the studio and pass in front of Mistresses Blanche and Euryale, I am still far too shy and impressed to even think about kissing their hands. So I'm just saying hello from a distance.

Formalities follow: undress, wait until someone comes to get me.

I wasn't comfortable. Fortunately, I was able to express this with clumsiness and a very apparent intimidation, my natural self in this case. When I try to resist all this, I tend to fall into provocation, a kind of bad brat, and bad actor. I was still close to it at times.

It sometimes plays tricks on me, because it shows a very bad image of myself, the opposite of what I really am. I hope that hasn't been too much the case here.

But Blancheuryale is so superior that it is easy to give yourself up and let yourself go. It was really done gradually for me, over the four hours. Two more hours, and I was nothing more than a huge bare heart overflowing everywhere, my deepest self.

- Jenny and lace, Jenny the virgin

Very early on, my one-night mistresses wanted to give me a name. They chose Jenny. It amused me, because Jenny is one of my favorite songs by Gérald de Palmas, a song that pays tribute to a sex worker.

It was my ultra-expressive, easily disturbed and impressionable side of me that inspired them to use the term virgin. I have to say, it's a good one. Even though I like to show a certain control and a relative ease in society; in my deepest self I am much closer to the virgin. Little doggie, too.

Fortunately (or too bad?) they didn't hear me, or see me, having an orgasm. It amuses everyone, so expressive am I, even with my body. I squeak, I gesture and laugh, I laugh a lot. They would have been even prouder of these comparisons with Jenny, the hysterical virgin, in front of this show. They see thingd well :-).

Sometimes I even end up with a calf cramp, so much I squirm after the orgasm. Obviously, I'm twisting in pain, so it's only more fun to see.

To complete the whole thing, Mistress Blanche took the initiative from the beginning to dress me for the whole party with maid's outfit, white, with veil and lace. It was very humiliating. I really liked it. To be honest, I already miss this outfit. I really liked having it in their presence, and especially to see that they liked it as much as I did. Just writing it down, I'm excited about it. I was almost proud, actually. This is the first time I was cross-dressed, except for SM art photos where I was a model (Virginie, if you read me, hi!).

It was just as pleasant for me to see that they had no difficulty coping with my hyper-expressiveness. Mistress Blanche did not fail to notice my nervous tics. Some dominatrices only like submissive men who are the opposite of my style. Usually, I'm really not that much, in the frightened boy side who doesn't know where to stand. But they really impress me a lot. From then on, everything is multiplied tenfold.

- Punishments

I have a rather scarred body, scars here and there, for reasons that should be kept quiet (no, no self-mutilation). I'm glad they only noticed one, and not the others. But one was already too much! It is still very visible. It got infected when it healed, several months of hardship. I've never seen anything so horrible. I should have had a nurse at home, but I did the daily care on my own. Some kind of memories. It makes you stronger, I think.

When they asked me how I got this, whether it was a dinosaur, or a dragon, I answered with the same song, telling them it was a wolf. When they asked me to tell them the story, I had to tell them it was a joke. They didn't like being fooled, and that got me in the corner, on all fours, for a while. I heard them behind my back talking to each other, telling that they had believed me with my wolf story :-). I laughed a lot in my corner.

A few minutes later, the punishment is lifted. I come back to Mistress Blanche, who asks me what I learned from this corner placement. I answer with a little too much casualness and imprecision, and there's no shortage of them, I go back to the corner. That's when I realized that I was going to have to be a little more focused with them.

- Do, re, mi

Since it was the music festival in France, and expecting a little bit of the style of domination and atmosphere they create as a duo, I was prepared, just in case, to have to sing a song. I was afraid it was one of today's special challenges.

Luckily, it didn't come. But there was something related to the music festival.

The three of us were on our knees in front of them. Each of our nipples had to make a note when pinched. My right nipple, do; my left nipple, re. We were saying the note out loud.

A few minutes later, Blancheuryale let her musician's soul speak for itself. I must admit, it was quite amusing. Even more so when I had the chance to be slapped by Mistress Blanche to put an end to the note pronounced.

- Also, also, and also

I have trouble reconstructing the perfect chronology of this first third, I slip things here a little bit in a catch-all.

Mistress Blanche did me the honour of inserting a plug, a rosebud. For those who have read my article on my stay in Warsaw Prison, you know how delicate anal has become for me, in my life journey. But it went very well, and I enjoyed being "full" all party long. Great, then.

A little regret that I keep from this first third: not having dared to sniff Mistress Blanche's black sock when she made me take off one of her boots. I didn't dare do it either at the end of the party, when I was cleaning up, and putting her clothes in the washing machine. I am completely possessed by the smells of a woman. Too quiet, sometimes.

I also remember, among other things, that moment at the very beginning of that first third of the party, when the two hosts spent their teasing hands on my body to get to know each other. They were laughing at all the facial expressiveness that inspired me.

- The fate of the other two victims

• Jacquie, the english-speaking

I don't know his real name, Jacquie is the little name Blancheuryale had given him. He had brought the evening dinner for the two mistresses, sushi. They managed to communicate with him in English. Mistress Euryale is the most comfortable here, thanks to her experience abroad.

He quickly became known for his talent as a foot licker. From the beginning of the party, he was at their bare feet, starting the work.

Mistress Blanche had several times fun commenting on the submissive style he inspired her. It is true that everyone has a certain style, a certain soul, to which we can relate practices, experiences, an emotional profile. She saw in him a rather masochistic submissive, and typically of the style to be able to remain locked up for days in a cell.

I remember he had an accessory, I think it was his, little animal ears. It looked good on him.

I don't think he did anything else in the first third of the party but lick his feet. But he seems to be doing it really well. To such an extent that it is him who, somehow, will have been at the source of the orgy reported below, in the last third of the party.

• Julia, the dog and sea lion

Julia, here again a little name given, close to his real name. What I remember above all from him is the comparison of Mistress Blanche, who said that I was his alterego. From what I saw of him, from what I saw on his various social networks, she hit the nail on the head. I was pretty stunned that she could see that in a few dozen minutes. But not surprised either, professional dominatrices of this quality often have this sixth sense to read people.

I would thus have a lot to say about what differentiated us in our respective paths (from the little I could see from him at the party; especially before, in fact), but it would be inappropriate to go this far while remaining ignorant about who he is. Even if I read people well as well.

Anyway. He is a submissive belonging to Mistress Blanche. She seems to assign him different roles as animals. Right now, it was the sea lion.

So he started the party by giving us a little sea lion show, ordered by Mistress Blanche. It was... a sea lion show.

Also, he had no right to speak, he could only make intonations to express himself.

After that, I seem to remember that he too spent a long time at the feet of the two hosts of the party.

• The second third of the party: launch the rocket

I choose this subtitle because, in my opinion, it is from where the party has taken on a higher dimension, for me at least. I don't know who of Mistress Euryale or Mistress Blanche said that the configuration of this kind of event allowed to create a different alchemy, more anchored, than classic one-hour sessions. I agree with her.

- A great premiere for me: urophilia

Urophilia was one of the very few "classic" practices that I had never explored before. The only one, actually, I think. I was planning to go back to Scotland, to see Mistress Lilith, for this great premiere. She really touched my heart, her urine is special to me now.

But it happened here, all by itself, and it's very good, it's even great. The only thing that tortures me: I don't know who of Mistress Blanche or Mistress Euryale I drank the urine. I would write to them and ask them, but I doubt they will remember that detail.

To do this, the three of us were initially laying on our backs, blinded by a towel covering our heads. We knew something was going on, but we didn't know exactly what it was. Even if it was very easy to guess quickly, even at the very beginning of the party with a sentence pronounced between them that had not slipped my ears.

Mistress Euryale stood above me to fill the container. A few drops missed their target, and kissed the towel over my head. Something that got me a good, strong erection. My real first one of the party. Usually I go off for nothing, and I'm in a strong erection as soon as I undress before joining the dominatrix. But here I was a little nervous, and I really don't sleep well these days, which doesn't help.

Anyway, great moment for me.

They had filled one glass with (real) champagne, and two other glasses with their sweet nectar. There was a draw to find out who was going to drink what.

I remember very well the moment when I had to draw a card with my mouth, as part of the draw, with the obligation to look Mistress Blanche in the eyes. Great joy. She had noticed that I was running away a lot with my eyes and made me the gift of wanting to rectify that.

So I had to drink a cup of urine, but from whom?

The taste was much lighter than I expected. Either they cut it off with water or they drink a lot of water and nothing else, I think. However, the aftertaste remains in the mouth for many minutes.

The next step for me in this matter is nectar at the source.

I am very proud to have known this first in their presence, coming from them, or one of them, rather. It will stay with me.

- St. Andrew's Cross

Mistress Blanche asked me to position myself on her Saint Andrew's cross. I had a good view from here. I unpack her entire dungeon with my eyes. It allowed me to learn more about her. It is difficult to separate a person from his or her environment. Both operate as a married couple. I wonder who is using the mass gainer pot above the kitchen closet. Maybe it's filled with something else.

Nothing more to say about the cross as such, just that at the end I was blindfolded. I had never known such a comfortable headband before. I love it.

I realize more and more that being blindfolded is really a very important little thing for me. I rely heavily on visual analysis. Being deprived of my sight is turning my brain upside down.

There were times when Blancheuryale would tickle me slightly in this position. That's really something that makes me explode. I'm so sensitive to tickling.

- Mistress Euryale's sock

When I was still on that very cross, eyes not yet blindfolded, I was told to go get Mistress Euryale's socks, which she had worn during the day.

Two socks, three submissive mouths. I prayed for it.

I'm being asked to stuff a sock in my mouth. Yeah!

Being gagged is probably the thing that makes me thrill more than anything else. My closest friends who read me here know why.

In addition to that, I am a great foot fetishist, but especially socks (socks slightly more than bare feet), but also and especially the smells of these feet.

Add to that the fact that Mistress Euryale is a woman I respect a lot and who totally captivates me, and you had the perfect cocktail to make me get up like never before. That's what happened.

Once again positioned on the cross, my penis starts to "convulse" with excitement, which has the effect of lifting the small veiled cloth upon it (I have had my maid's outfit since the beginning of the party).

Mistress Blanche doesn't take long to notice it. She comes up to me, lifts the veil, and observes, very amused. She soon realized that it was the sock that had made me feel all that, even more amused. She then slaps my penis several times, it's as pleasant as it is disturbing.

Mistress Euryale is quickly made aware of the scene, and likes to put weights on my penis, to test my erection. A little slackness, too much heavy weights, she has the solution to that. She puts a hand over my mouth, reinforcing the feeling of being gagged, in addition to the privilege of physical contact with her. Here we go again, strong erection. Just writing it down, I'm afraid to break my jeans, it gets up very well :-) . I'll dream of this scene.

It may not seem like much, but it's clearly one of my best memories of that party. Also, she had plunged her eyes into mine. I still have that so expressive glance in my head.

I even had the right a second time, a few minutes later, to this extra gagging of her firm hand.

Currently, Mistress Euryale is certainly the greatest weapon for Hong Kong's independence. She can also use me as cannon fodder.

- Yummy, some foodplay

Foodplay is a practice that has never inspired me, it leaves me neutral. I will never ask for it, but will enjoy it with some pleasure when it comes to me. This was a first for me.

I had a bowl, full of cabbage and two sushi. Mistress Blanche crushed everything with a foot, before feeding me with her foot as support. I would have liked to have eaten more, but I didn't dare to leave her foot, even once cleansed.

It was a pleasant discovery. In any case, typically the kind of practice that I can only appreciate if I have at least a small connection with the woman in charge.

- The fate of the other two victims

• Jacquie, the english-speaker

I can hardly remember what happened to him during that time of the party.

I know in any case that when I myself was standing on the St. Andrew's cross, before, or during my mouth stuffed by Mistress Euryale's sock, she took care of him.

She had blindfolded him, and had partially rope tied him, especially around his cock. The rope was black.

Certainly also that she took advantage of this moment to play with his nipples. It seems to me he had clamps placed on his chest.

I also remember that during the foodplay, which was actually a moment to feed us, Mistress Blanche had not failed to notice how well he could use his tongue on feet, again.

• Julia, the dog and sea lion

Blackout. It was hard to pay attention to what was going on around me, when I was starting to get very involved with my own emotions.

It was the submissive who was given the real champagne, not the urine, mentioned above.

I especially remember that he had crutches attached to his arms all party long. Almost certain that they had been put to him in the first third, by Mistress Blanche. She had done it for the pleasure of Mistress Euryale, I was surprised to hear that she seemed to be attracted to men on crutches.

After my "eh?", I quickly made the connection with her article on restraints, mentioned above, where she says she has a real thing for body deformations, including its extensions. It makes sense with the crutches. Next time I break my shin, I come to Hong Kong and do a little sexy dance on her doorstep.

• The last third of the party: shared pleasures

I think that many submissives will be able to understand what I am going to say here: in a session with a dominatrix, even if we clean our wallets off, we still want her to enjoy and even leave her with a pleasant memory.

Here, I can't tell for the pleasant memory, but I know that they had fun, though on their own initiative.

- Sleeping at Mistress Euryale's feet

Right after the foodplay, I found myself at the feet of Mistress Euryale, as she told me to join her after I had got up to serve a few drinks, quite clumsily.

I started licking her foot with pleasure. But a little sad that I didn't have the chance to be around her "pure" foot. The latter had already been licked from everywhere by other tongues before me during the party.

It lasted 20 minutes or so. At some point, I was a little tired, and I really enjoyed just leaning with my face near her foot, or under her foot. It was my ultra-passive side that stood out. I even managed to fall asleep during my very first mummification, that says a lot :-)

I could have fallen asleep under her feet if I had let myself go. Feeling the pressure of her feet on my face is so reassuring, so comforting, I couldn't explain it.

I still ended up taking over the work with my tongue, guessing that she wanted me more active, even though I couldn't match one of the other two submissives in this field.

Great moment, that short moment when she rubbed both her feet on my face. It's humiliating and cuddly. My big little doggy side who likes to stay in the basket, curled up.

Same when you put your hands on my face. Mistress Blanche said I didn't like it, it's a little more complex than that. I love it, I'm in love with it, as it humiliates me a lot.

- Mistress Blanche's pleasure

Mistress Blanche took great pleasure in her feet being licked by the submissive who did it very well. So much so that the idea came for her to enjoy herself with a Magic Wand, simultaneously with this pleasure of the feet.

Mistress Euryale then took care of giving her pleasure with this instrument of the devil. A significant detail, at least from my point of view: she sat on my face to do so.

There, it's done. Anything can happen to me in my life now, I don't care. I have known a facesitting with a woman like her. See, the accomplishment of a life is not about much.

My face was dipped in her panties. And what a view I had. Sometimes she would plunge her satisfied eyes into mine, confused. Really, if I had to choose my death, I would like it to be suffocated like this, by a woman like her. I could have stayed for hours, stuck in her intimacy. She couldn't see it, but I was waving my legs around in all directions behind her back, so much I needed to evacuate my excitement.

All this was all the more galvanizing as I heard Mistress Blanche taking pleasure, and I felt Mistress Euryale taking pleasure in giving it to her.

- Mistress Euryale's pleasure

After Mistress Blanche, it was Mistress Euryale's turn.

Here again, I had the great honour of being in a privileged position. I was lying on my back, thighs joined together and brought back to my pelvis, to serve as a backrest. So Mistress Euryale had her back on my legs, her buttocks on my stomach, a foot on my face.

She was getting her foot licked by the talented submissive, she had a remote control in her hand to send electric shocks to another submissive. Mistress Blanche was above me, she was in charge of Magic Wand. I was under her dress, I had a beautiful view.

Sight nevertheless obstructed by a foot of Mistress Euryale on my face, which I held firmly, and which I took pleasure in licking. She discovered the pleasure of coming at the same time as playing with sadistic fantaisies, having the pleasure of giving electric shocks. She really liked it.

The Alpha female was no less vocal than Mistress Blanche a few minutes earlier. The scene had a very "orgy" feel. I feel very lucky to have been part of this moment so emotionally intense for them. I think it was one of those rare moments, not easy to recreate from scratch. There was a spontaneity in the air, a passion under the floor.

I must also say, what role I had in both situations. I could feel Mistress Euryale vibrate even stronger than Magic Wand. Delicious passivity.

- Jenny the virgin's pleasure

I remind you that Jenny the virgin is the little name they gave me. We were all still in the position of the above scenes, except that Mistress Euryale had come down from my body, but she had, I think, at least one leg over me. In any case, I was partially blocked, that I remember.

I remember that because Mistress Blanche, at some point, started tickling me everywhere. What a horrible thing! I was squeaking as I can do so well, against my own will though. At the same time, Mistress Euryale kept me from struggling too much. It was so pleasant, this restraint, this loss of control. Of course, I still got comparisons with a hysterical virgin.

I also remember a moment, before or after the tickling, when Mistress Blanche spent a little time on my penis. She enjoys slapping worms. It was so good to have to go through that, stuck between them, under them. I was very excited.

But I didn't forget either that moment, still in the same situation, when I had the chance to undergo a small raid of slaps by Mistress Blanche. I love slaps. It's humiliating, degrading, but at the same time it gets me attention.

Finally, Mistress Blanche also played a little with my nipples. I had always bee, always reluctant to that, believing that it bothered me, that it hurt too much. To my surprise, I took a lot of pleasure when she did it. It felt good in the pain. I felt like I was atoning through her fingers. I would like to explore this in the future. I thank her for that.

In short, it is a great feeling to be their restrained puppet. You never get tired of it.

- The fate of the other two victims

• Jacquie, the english-speaker

Poor little Jacquie. I think I was under Mistress Euryale's feet when Mistress Blanche told him to go on the St. Andrew's cross. She had put on special gloves, I think. I wonder what those gloves were. Electric shocks? Spikes?

In any case, it had not left him unaffected.

I can thank Jacquie, I consider that it is indirectly thanks to him that I was able to take part in this semblance of orgy with Blancheuryale and the demon named Magic Wand. It was because he licked her feet so well that Mistress Blanche wanted to combine this pleasure with masturbation.

Thus, both during the pleasure of Mistress Blanche and Mistress Euryale, he was, again and again, busy licking their feet. A practice that it seems to have elevated to the rank of an art.

• Julia, the dog and sea lion

Mistress Blanche had personally taken care of him on the St. Andrew's cross. I think I was still under Mistress Euryale's feet (yes, I spent some time there). Again, difficult for me to report everything accurately and completely, but I know she played with him and electricity. But I don't know where the receptor was placed. His male organs; his neck?

In any case, it was with this receptor attached to him that Mistress Euryale was able to have fun with the remote control, rewarding her sadistic desires, while she was vibrating under the impulse of the Magic Wand.

- The worms' race!

After these great pleasures for the party's host, it was time to leave. The submissives began to activate to tidy up and clean. I had put my heart into it, at that time I still believed in the possibility of entering the personal service of Mistress Blanche, I wanted to make a good impression, better impression than that of the scared, clumsy and sometimes uninvolved little girl almost in spite of myself.

Once everything was cleaned, the three submissives had to get on their knees in front of them. Towels were laid out on the floor, well aligned.

Announcement: the only one who has the right to cum will be the first to do so.

It was difficult for the three of us. I'm going to speak for myself, but between the pressure of competition, and the proximity of the other two men next to me, it wasn't easy.

I was starting to do well. I was going to decide to enter into self-hypnosis to win everything in the blink of an eye, when I was overtaken by another submissive, Julia, the dog sea lion. Too late.

The hardest thing for me was not not to come, but not to receive the attention and the little strokes that the winner got. Little attention whore that I am!

5 - After the party, comes the the latecomer's luck

After the party, I found myself alone in front of them. The other two submissives had already left, while I was finishing my shower. Shower that I almost didn't take, having hesitated to do it at home. So I think I was lucky.

Once dressed up, I leave the bathroom to greet them before leaving. I have the impression that they were rather amused to see me dressed after these four hours.

It is true that with my clothes, my glasses, I reflect a very different image than when I am naked. Those who have seen me understand.

It captures the duality in my construction. Even today, I don't know if I want to become a punk in Thailand or president of France. I guess I'll end up being neither one nor the other.

They were sitting side by side. There, they each reach out to me with one of their feet. Mistress Blanche amuses herself with me, asking which foot I will dare to kiss first, and therefore which one I will leave behind. Typically the thing I'm unable to do: make a choice at the expense of someone other than myself!

So, proud as I was then to have the parade: kissing their feet simultaneously, without leaving anyone behind. Not stupid for a puppy!

Mistress Euryale said then that she thought I was close to crying, during the party, so much I seemed upset. Mistress Blanche disapproves. 10 points for Mistress Blanche!

I was indeed very upset, very easily reachable, but so far from being close to cry!

They then told themselves that it would be easy for them to make me cry, if they really wanted to.

I took this opportunity to confess to them, not without a stutter, that it was precisely because I was afraid of them, together, that I had wanted to see them in a party and not alone in the studio. It was perhaps this confidence that gave me the chance to suffer some of their abuses for another 20 minutes or so after that.

I don't think they'd like to read that (or they wouldn't really care about it), but I think they may overestimate themselves considering that two of them could make me cry easily (without physical pain, I mean). My fanciness and hypersensitivity at all levels also hide a certain mental from which it is difficult to dislodge me when I decide to hide in it.

The only time I cried in session, mentally cracked, was at Warsaw Prison. And she had to put in the resources, in addition to the exhaustion and fatigue of a 96-hour stay. Crying without any physical pain, clearly one of my best memories.

Well, I won't hide the fact that cracking up in front of them would be something crazy. Especially since I assume they wouldn't succeed, so I'd be ashamed of being wrong! Also, I wonder what makes them so confident about it.

• "Oh, it looks like there's a stain here."

I was still on my knees in front of them, while Mistress Blanche explained to me which way to go to take out the trash when leaving. Mistress Euryale seemed to be happy to distract me by waving her feet in front of me and on my right hand. It drove me crazy, I was losing it. It's typically the kind of scenery that stays in my head for weeks. I don't need a lot sometimes. But everything happens in the head in these situations, and it's so pleasant, and powerful.

Then, as the great genius I am, I point out to them that there is a stain on the floor. I was far from thinking that it would cause everything that follows. Well, I must admit, I don't regret it.

I then quickly found myself having to clean the stain, with a sponge and the strength of my arm. But impossible to get the thing out. Maybe it wasn't a stain after all, but a pattern in the fake parquet.

I was lying on the ground to do my job. My desperate situation seemed to amuse them. Mistress Euryale still had me distracted with her pretty feet. Not to mention all their comments about me.

That was before they got up to make me suffer even more. They plant their feet on me, on my legs and my body. And I scrub, over and over again. What a situation.

Here, I was all dressed up, even with my little glasses, which partly protect me from their gaze. So the humiliation and helplessness felt was different than the one that would make me disappear if I were naked and exposed to them, in the context of a classic session. But still. What a moment. I wouldn't want to forget it even if I was paid for it. One of those memories that is not for sale.

It lasted a while. It could have gone on all night that I wouldn't even stop scrubbing, not with them next to me.

It even ended with a little trampling moment, belly facing the ground. My leather jacket is pretty comfortable. It was quite a privilege to feel the weight of their body on me.

Wanting to get up after all this, I'm making an actual stain this time, because of the scratching of my shoes. Act No.2, I have to scrub this out. This time it's going away pretty well. But as with Act No.1, it is impossible to ignore their presence and their comments about me.

It was really a very beautiful moment, which I will remember for a long time. It is the intimacy of the scene that makes the difference. I come to wonder if I shouldn't finally dare, and come and see them as a duo. That would be something. If they saw me very upset and full of nervous quirks during the party, it would be even worse here.

As I write this article, my ribs still hurt, on the left side. What a pleasure.


I stop for 30 seconds in front of the door, I can't open it. And knowing they were right behind me put me under enormous pressure, I couldn't think anymore. They scare me so much when they're together, it's crazy.

After dropping the trash (the pledge of the last to leave), I headed to the nearest McDonald's, taking care to avoid crowd gatherings (it was the music festival in France that day). It's my savage side, I tend to get very uncivilized when there are too many people around me, and it was not the right night to get into trouble with a drunk guy. I wanted to stay calm and finish this article with my emotions. To write without thinking too much, even if it means regretting an excess of disclosure later on.

Anyway, the hamburger was good! Gustatory pleasure, failing sexual pleasure.

That was the first time for me that I had come out of a visit to a professional dominatrix without having come. It's much more tolerable, even pleasant, than I thought it would be.

6 - I told you... Mistress Euryale can fly

I learned that Mistress Euryale was going to open an actual SM dungeon in Hong Kong in September. From my very self-centered point of view -as is all this blog- that's just one more reason to consider this intercontinental journey.

This is because I have no doubt that her place will certainly have a well mastered imprint and at her image.

I also learned in the 2019's summer that she is currently learning to fly a helicopter. That news amused me, as I remember very well what I wrote at the beginning of the article.

Thus, you'll think of Caroline Munro in The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977.

With this, she'll also have enough to take the kidnapping scenario to a whole new level if she wants to!

7 - To conclude

Anyone who drinks this water will soon become thirsty again.

That's what comes to mind when I think of them. Still, I can't say I regret having drunk. Visitors, you have been warned.

I finished this article in two parts, when I got back from the party. I took a nap for a few hours in between. Guess who I dreamed of? No, I'm not kidding. I dreamt about them.

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