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Praise for defeat

Praise for defeat, because I will always choose to cooperate when faced with fatality.

There are many defeats that I love.


The original defeat, the one without which you would be a completely different person.

The usual defeat, though you had promised yourself that it would never happen again.

The giggling defeat, you could not have done better even if you had wanted to.

The comforting defeat, the one that you would not trade for a random victory.

The deserved defeat, that close friend who confronts you with your mistakes.

The nostalgic defeat, the one to be remembered as a witness of a past life.

The salvaging defeat, it puts an end to a game that could no longer last.

The clean defeat, like an amputation performed in the operating block.

The unfair defeat, it gives you reasons to hope for better days.

The euphoric defeat, it will be forgotten as quickly as it came.

The possessive defeat, it will make you forget all the others.

The partial defeat, it is nothing more than a failed victory.

The defeat too many, the one for masochistic souls only.

The exclusive defeat, no one else could understand it.

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