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These women who shape my life, these women I thank

Evolving article, to be updated over the course of this life.

I thank the one at the beginning, because from my misfortune I will always love the depth

I thank the one at the middle school, for giving me the attention I had never had

I thank the one in my headphones, whose poetry makes me cry

I thank the one at the high school, the only one who could stand me

I thank the one after that, without whose energy I might have killed myself

I thank the one, so caring, who slapped me and shouted at me only for the best

I thank the one of my reconstruction, this therapist who taught me everything

So I thank her a second time, because she gave me the keys to my own life

I thank the one when I went back to university, because after all she was pretty nice

I thank the wise woman with glasses, whose absence was all-too-quickly felt

I thank the Scotswoman, who hugged so tightly the new me

I thank the messy artist, I had never seen myself so pretty

I thank the blonde, thanks to whom I publish these lines without any complex

I thank the brunette, who ended three years without passion for any woman

I thank Oregon, sparkle after the first dark year of the new me

I thank these unknowns women, who give me their time and read these words

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