How to contact a professional mistress

A short article, inspired by one of Mistress Euryale who I thank for this, on how we should all proceed to contact a professional dominatrix.

Being myself very weak on the subject, I asked permission from Mistress Euryale, a professional dominatrix, to use her own article.

One thing you can do is leave my article and just go read hers, and you'll be good! I'm not even kidding. I will only mention here what she says in less detail, with a little bit of personal touch at the end of the article.

Unfortunately, as always, those who are most likely to need it are also those who will not take the time to read. in sont aussi ceux qui ne prendront pas le temps de lire. Bref. Donnez-nous tort !

# 1 - The basics

Let's get right to the point, details will follow.

Here is a simple but effective way to introduce yourself to a professional dominatrix when you want to book a session with her.

• Your name and age

• Your BDSM experience (what you experienced, if you think you are beginner, intermediate, regular, hard)

• Your BDSM practices or for novices, your BDSM fantasies

• The limits that you absolutely do not want to exceed

• Your potential health problems

• References of Dominatrixes met previously

• The website where you found me

Still taken from Mistresse Euryale's article, here is a typical message she gives us as an example:

"Hello Mistress Euryale,

My name is V., I'm 40 years old, I live in Hong-Kong. I practice BDSM since I'm 25, so far only in the private with a partner. I once realized a session with Maitresse X in Hong Kong.

I visited your website, which I found on […], and appreciated [...] and [...], so I thought about contacting you. I hope you will study my candidacy and offer me a session.

I would say that I am an intermediate level sub, having practiced a lot [...] and [...], but being always curious to test my limits with regard to [...] and [...]. I know that I am not ready to try [...] and [...], these practices remain for the moment a taboo.

Due to a hip injury a few years ago, I am no longer able to lie on my side for long, or to practice bondage around this area.

I am available in general on Wednesday and Friday, I would be honored to meet you as well next Wednesday in the afternoon if possible.

I thank you in advance for your response."

# 2 - The point of view of Mistress Euryale

Mistress Euryale is comforting us. A complete presentation email is not... :

"No, this is not a first test of my domination over you.

No, I am not trying to measure your submission level by observing your reaction. No, I do not give you a rating based on the answers given.

And No, there are no wrong answers.

So why ?

Because I want to know you.


Why do I want to know so much, will you say to me? Because I consider that there are as many BDSM practices as there are practitioners, and so it is essential for me to know if our practices/fetishes are more or less similar in order to prepare an all around excellent session."

Also, read the entire site of the dominatrix you hope to meet. It's respect, and entering her world will only make the session smoother.

A website takes several hours, even several tens of hours, to be set up. Make the effort, it's worth it.

Here again, I would like to quote Mistress Euryale:

"Moreover, if I realize that a sub who has contacted me has not read my site and therefore has no idea who I am, what I demand and offer, than most probably I will never accept to meet you ! Why would I meet someone who does not bother to know if we share the same practices? (...)".

# 3 - No emotional work

Emotional work is to seek consideration, attention, reactions, or whatever; from the dominatrix, before the session, or after.

• Avant la séance Your communication should be limited to relevant information, to allow her to prepare herself in line with who you are, and then conduct the session safely.

Of course, don't be a robot! But once the session is booked, there is no reason to contact her, to express yourself on your moods or emotions, before the session.

Some dominatrices receive dozens of emails a day. Make it easier to sort them, don't be annoying, and stand out precisely by being as respectful and simple as possible, rather than trying to get her attention. It will only have the opposite effect. They are used to it. The proportion of submissive males in need for attention and affection is much higher than that of the "regular" male population.

I am not criticizing. This is an observation, whose sources are quite logical.

Magic, if it is to be, can only take place during the session, not before.

• After the session

There are indeed connections that can be created between a dominatrix and a submissive client, but don't do as I did in my early days. Don't lose your head after a session of high emotion and intensity.

The dominatrix you paid for is not your friend, and unless you are a very regular customer, she is unlikely to prefer you to all her other customers.

The use of thank you and/or review email after the session is becoming very common, and this is very good. Do it!

Then, hopefully, you'll get a kind word from the woman who did you so much good in return. That's all you need!

I deeply understand the desire to create more intimate relationships with a professional dominatrix. Open-mindedness, a very transversal mind, and the SM are already big common points between people, which can make a person wants to share more, not to mention practices, but just human share!

And here I will share my personal experience.

I became friends with Mistress Aveena, about whom I wrote on this blog. She is now one of the few people I can count on. At the end of our 2nd session, she asked me to meet her at the restaurant the next time I was in Paris (back when I was not living in Paris yet).

But if this kind of situation has to happen, it will always come from the dominatrix. Because she will always dare to express herself, and because she knows exactly how she wants to manage her clients list.

Just be yourself, never force anything, and the good surprises, if any, will come by themselves.

# 4 - Le mot de la fin pour Mistress Euryale

"Come on, be brave..." And if you hesitate (despite reading this post) on how you should approach the dominatrix you like, remember that too much politeness will not cause you to be on the blacklist of a Dominatrix... but rudeness will !"


A kind reminder: read the full article by Mistress Euryale


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