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Interview with Lady Daria

Lady Daria is a hard-working and innovative Polish professional mistress who has been in activity for 7 years so far. She is the creator and owner of Warsaw Prison, a truly unique place in the BDSM world.

I first met Lady Daria in 2018, during my 4-day stay at Warsaw Prison.

• What do you like the most about your job, and what bothers you the most?

I like contact with people. Each day is a new challenge. I am glad that those who visited me and those who follow my Internet activities appreciate what I do. I have heard many times that what I do is "unique." It motivates further work and development.

Most of all, I am annoyed that despite how well on my website, I described what I do during the sessions and how sessions look like, still getting inquiries about the things that are e.g. disallowed practices. I wouldn't say I like getting me pre-session emails with a wish list and a point-by-point plan. It kills my creativity and reduces the session to recreating a role someone is imposing on me. Then I repeat to myself that someone comes to me, to experience with me what I offer, so I cannot forget about what I am for someone else's wish list.

You are a highly educated woman. Do you think that your current success has something to do with that?

I think many factors contribute to success. However, education is one of the less critical components. First of all, hard work, responsibility for what you do, emotional intelligence, and humility. You can't feel special too quickly because then it's easy to rest on your laurels.

I'm not the kind of person who likes to be patted on the shoulder and told her "You are gorgeous." I have to see it in the results of my work. I have to be satisfied with myself, and only then do I believe that I'm a successful woman.

• You created Warsaw Prison almost 5 years ago. Do you have any new project in mind?

At this point, I want to focus absolutely on Warsaw Prison. It is essential for me. Opening new projects will divide my attention into many areas, resulting in a loss of quality in one of them. I do not want it.

The only thing I want and I have to do now is making myself stronger on social media. Twitter, Instagram, maybe also OnlyFans are the places where I should start being present.

• In your opinion, what does it take to be a good professional mistress?

First of all, she should have theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Besides, respect the people with whom the sessions are conducted, be a good observer, have emotional intelligence and at least a little empathy. Plus, do what you do responsibly, respecting the rules, regulations, and limits you set. A person who has sessions with us should feel safe in our hands.

The studio or the number of accessories you have is less important, although this makes it easier to conduct the session, and diversifies it. Still, above all, personality traits and knowledge of BDSM will affect whether someone is an excellent professional.

You have known BDSM in personal life with friends at the beginning, but also now as a full-time professional. Are the feelings in sessions as strong as they were for you back then?

A session with friends or at parties is something utterly different than carrying out a session in a BDSM studio embedded in a specific role-play. I would not share these experiences in terms of the intensity of the feelings but in terms of their diversity.

Playing with people who know, like and spend time with them not only during the realization of BDSM practices, above all, provides a lot of joy, laughter, pure fun. Here we focus less on showing the "strict Domina" version.

A session in a BDSM studio has its own rules. There is a scenario, arrangements, a specific role and a particular approach to the submissive. One will prefer a session in a friendly atmosphere, another will want to be forced to follow orders by violence. Here are a variety of emotions, from joy to frustration. When you get into a role, it cannot be enjoyable that you can't teach someone the three basic positions. And this anger is not fake.

Some people tend to think that there is no true, genuine BDSM when money is involved. What are your thoughts about that?

Money has nothing to do with it. BDSM is about emotions and practices. In the BDSM studio we have both. And it's not because someone paid for it. It just happens and you can't pretend it.

Why do you have to pay for it? It costs money to build and equip a studio. If you want to play electrostimulation at home with your partner, you also have to buy a power box and pay for it.

There will always be the unconvinced, there will always be those who treat me worse because "I destroy the real BDSM." I do not influence it and don't want to talk about it anymore.

I'm doing my best. I do it honestly. I'm not robbing anyone. I carry out sessions 100% according to my knowledge, skills and thanks to the fact that I have invested in equipment and accessories. I devote all my time to it. I have the right to earn money to have enough to live. I will not pay my bills with passion, like any other profession that people do. The client can pay me for it as a professional in my field.

What drives you to constantly look for innovation and small additions?

I like to develop. Each new piece of furniture, each new variety, is a more enjoyable session, it means more possibilities. I'm not too fond of boredom and repetition. Even if it concerns my favorite practices. It is not in my nature to stagnate and reap the benefits of what I have already done and achieved. I am ambitious and I believe that you can always do something better, improve something, come up with something new. I have never done two identical sessions with the same person. Even if someone is with me for the seventieth time, I want to surprise him with something.

• During overnight sessions, once the playing time is over, do you manage to forget about the "work", fully rest and cut from the session?

In the beginning, when I only just started to carry out full-day sessions, I had a problem with that. It was hard for me to forget that someone was in my basement and that I was responsible for them. Despite all the safety rules, safety buttons, I not keeping someone tied hard while they slept, I still feared something might happen.

It was only after some time and after many sessions , I managed to get over this anxiety and start to rest after the session.

The fact is that I do not forget about work so quickly, because usually when I put someone to sleep, I still reply to outstanding emails, questionnaires, read comments under photos, etc. So I am still active.

Only when I finish everything I was supposed to do on a given day can I cut me off and focus on something else. Most often, I watch something on TV or outstanding series on the Internet, chat with friends or listen to music, or go to sleep because after all, a BDSM session is intense physical work, and the next day you have to be rested and ready for action.

To you, what is a good session with a client?

It's a challenging question. There is no perfect pattern for a BDSM session that always gives me satisfaction. A lot depends on the person who comes to my studio, their behavior and whether they like it.

I love sessions with people who just like BDSM and I can see it in their reactions. They are pleased that they can fulfill their preferences.

There is also something hard to name. There is some understanding between people. Sometimes from the threshold you can see that I like someone, sometimes there is no "flow".

But what else could say the sadist who likes to play with your bodies and minds.

You offer stays up to 10 days in your studio. How do you manage to stay fresh and motivated with the same client for that long?

The most popular session length is 48 hours. People also come to me for 72 and 96 hours. Longer sessions are infrequent. In fact, I can count sessions longer than 5 days on the fingers of one hand.

The most extended session in my studio was 11 days. A person from Australia flew to me. I will not hide that it was a comfortable experience, but it is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

It was intense. And not physically. The session was based on imprisonment, isolation and strict bondage. However, it is difficult not to leave the house for so many days. It was perhaps the most difficult.

When it comes to being motivated - I was. And I did not show that I was getting tired. Why? I am professional in what I do. The studio is not a place to show weakness or bring private moods into it. I am responsible for how the session progresses and want to be satisfied with what I have done.

In what way receiving compliments and attention every day from all over the world changed your life?

To be honest, none. As I mentioned, I'm not a person influenced by people's compliments I don't even know. Of course, it's nice that you are admired, that people appreciate what I have done and what I do. It motivates me.

I am delighted that during the lockdown people who were at my place and those who did not have the opportunity to visit me, sent me a donation to help me get through this difficult time. I was and I am very grateful to them for that. It's almost touching to be so appreciated. People from abroad write to me. I give interviews for books. I did not expect to become so popular.

On the other hand, I, as a human being, have not changed. I still believe in hard work and humility. Respect for the people who visit me, for others Domin, lack of jealousy and consistent implementation of what I assumed was something that characterized me from the very beginning and I still believe in these values.

• BDSM sessions can release a lot of intensity. Are you affected by that intensity, whether it is positively or negatively?

When it comes to the physical impact, I have ... lost weight :-). And this is definitely a positive effect. Besides, it's hard not to physically feel the number of hours you've been going through in high heels. Of course there is pain. Feet hurt, sometimes the spine, arms, hands. My sessions are intense. Whoever visited me knows - you also know, that we both have only two breaks during the day. Nobody sits in my cage for half a day. I don't play with people occasionally. During the full-day session, I am really in the studio and actively working. So it is no wonder that there is physical fatigue.

When it comes to emotional intensity, it definitely shows up. Remember that the sessions are very diverse. Sometimes you are friendly, sometimes you are dangerous. I also play various roles. In addition to the sessions as part of Warsaw Prison, I also conduct short sessions with different scenarios. I can be a teacher, train to be a whore, or proudly ignore a bondage doll.

However, I believe that the number of emotions and mental experiences makes me continuously develop. I learn to react, I remember to be understanding and patient with human limitations. For sure, the amount of knowledge I have gained in the studio has enriched me.

Sometimes I think my story might be worth writing down. Maybe someday…

You seem to work a lot more than the average pro domme. Do you plan to reduce your working hours?

I still plan to reduce the number of hours at work and… it doesn't work. Many people want to visit me that I can not imagine that I could close the calendar for half a month.

I definitely want to take a vacation not once but twice a year. I found it helping me a lot. I would also like to focus only on all-day sessions.

Unfortunately, at this point, I had to postpone all plans to reduce the amount of work. I had too much free time because of Covid. It was not a time that gave me optimism. It's hard when you see that the future of what you've cared for so many years is endangered

So at this point I am at the stage of recovering from the crisis. Unfortunately, the following months are starting to look not in bright colors again. I hope that I can survive this year and that the next will be better, and I'll be able to keep doing what I can do best without any restrictions.

• Lady Daria, thank you for your time! Feel free to add anything you would like to.

First of all, thank you for wanting to interview me. It's kind of you to be interested in what I have to say.

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