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  • Writer's pictureBDSAIME for the love of scarves was a fabulous website about scarf fetish and their use for bondage: scarf bondage. Icing on the cake, it was a French production! Unfortunately, the website no longer exists since 2012.

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• Scarf fetish and scarf bondage

scarves bondage fetish gagged

I have a great fetish for scarves, especially silk scarves, but not only. I am turned on by the softness of this very smooth thickness. My attraction for this piece of clothing -all the more so when it is worn- also is quite visual: the colors so bright, the small folds and contours, the way it fits a body and its shapes.

My enthusiasm for scarves may also come from the "femininity" stamp that goes with them. I can't hide the fact that my erotic universe is quite dominated by gender clichés, and I like the classic codes of femininity (set aside their legitimacy). The scarf is one of them, so I see it as an extension of the woman to whom it belongs, it bears her imprint and her smell.

When it comes to the use of these scarves, I fantasize primarily about being gagged with them. As with adhesives, it's the abundance and superposition of layers here that attracts me enormously. Each new layer feels like extra attention to me.

To feel (or to see someone like this) being completely muzzled, muffled moanings and somehow dehumanized, is a very great source of excitement for me. The photo above is a perfect illustration of what I like, where three scarves stacked one on top of the other control the submissive model. In any bondage video, the moment when the person is carefully silenced always is my favorite one.

mistress dominatrix leather silk scarf
Lady Victoria Valente

Bondage being for me the essential practice of my SM universe, the combination with scarves has the potential to make me live an awaken dream. I've never had the opportunity to live a session entirely around this particular theme, it is a great fantasy for me. I know that Lady Victoria Valente, for example, makes it one of her favourite practices. Perhaps this will be an opportunity for me to visit Germany. Some of her videos only make it more tempting!

I think that really tying someone up with scarves and actually giving them a legitimate sense of powerlessness, not allowing them to break free easily, requires a certain level of skill.

But enough about me!

•, a wonderful production now gone

Created in 2006, passed away around 2011/2012. And even if there are and have been other sites in the same register, these Parisian women were doing something that really stood out, through their photos and videos made available on their pay-per-view platform.

Scarf silk bondage agged
My favorite video from

The site closed down completely from one day to the next, and it's impossible to know what happened. It's so frustrating! Luckily, I still have all the content that was available to subscribers at the time. Some of these videos can now be found on Pornhub and Boundhub, but only a few out of several dozen. Some pictures can also be found on Imagefap.

The videos were nicely directed, and you never heard anything but voices muffled by scarves. No nudity, not even words. Everything was sensuality, like the silk that were used in their productions.

Like what I've written about SpanishTies in another article, what was so pleasant was also that you could easily guess the real fun the models were having in these games. They had a geniune fetish long before they were just actresses. You can clearly feel that, and projecting yourself into the fantasized role is then much easier, and much more tempting.

women scarf bondage

Often, the tied woman would have a scarf tied around her neck, something that excites me enormously when I project myself in the victim's seat. In such a context, the scarf acts a bit like a collar, that omnipresent bond whose existence cannot be ignored, any more than the controlling power of the person who imposed it on you.

In the vast majority of cases, these young women offered a very colourful and rather warm imagery, which was a delight for the eyes even before going through the filter of intellectualization.


Scarf bondage and scarf fetish is still quite rare on the internet, and even more so in "real life". Asians, especially Japanese and Chinese people, seem to be the most culturally inclined to it, from what I can see.

silk scarf bound and gagged
How could I not lose it?

When I think about how the website could have evolved if it had stayed alive, it's quite frustrating. No doubt, also, that I would have been quick to contact them for an interview demand.

But that's not the case. From, all that remains today are files in some fans' hard drives, and a few videos here and there on the internet.

Never equaled because never really imitated, I must admit that I miss this website, as the big fetishist of scarves that I am. Also, even though I'm not particularly chauvinistic, knowing that it was a french production was quite pleasant, because it is so rare in SM / fetish videos.

Today, you can still find ; D's Club or Boundbybhowani. But it's not the same...


Goodbye, and thank you for having existed!

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