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I ordered a custom fetish clip!

Through the talented Nikky French, I had the opportunity to order a custom fetish clip for the first time!

• Nikky French

Before going into the details of how I bought the video and then the details of the clip itself, I shall start by introducing the person who produced it. After all, no matter what the fetish or the content of a video actually is, it's the person who puts it into action that can make my head spin.

Nikky French is a French professional dominatrix, living in the UK for several years. She has a Twitter account where she seems to share a lot of her personal life, an Onlyfans account, and of course a virtual store for her Femdom clips. She makes clips in French and English!

I had "known" her for about five years, when I had visited her website for a few hours, back when she was living in Cardiff. Though her favorite practices were also the ones that correspond to me the least (ballbusting, CBT, spanking), I was very attracted by her character and what she radiated. I still am!

Her character is first of all that of a very dynamic, extroverted woman whose energy jumps out at you. She takes the light, the energy of the world, and redelivers it to people around her. Being myself someone whose energy is very internalized -a selfish well of light in a basement- it is certainly what attracts me the most from her.

On the physical side, it also is difficult not to notice her, as she embodies a very atypical dominatrix. Tattooed with colors and fine patterns that fit her perfectly, she breaks the codes by showing herself with refined outfits and noble materials in settings of another time.

Her energy is very communicative, she almost makes me want to get out of bed. If I were to be held captive on a pirate ship in the seas of Singapore, she would be the one I would call to come and rescue me. Unless she would be the captain of that ship, in which case I would be in a very bad situation... When you know that she knows Singapore very well, the comparison with a very seductive image of the pirate is easy.

Besides her energy and the good taste she enjoys displaying, it is also what we can guess about her personality that seduces me. Behind her image of a very playful and sadistic woman, I also felt a truly emphatic person and in the desire of a genuine sharing with her devoted submissives, but also towards the most novice stranger. Because dominatrix is fortunately not incompatible with sensitive -far from it-, I remember her website a few years ago, where she confessed very honestly not to give a second chance once disappointed by a submissive to whom she had given her trust. Such a clarification given in full view of everyone is indeed the mark of souls who give without any reserve, souls who have already known risks and perils.

Her desire to share with us, to find resonance in others, is also evident in her writings on her blog Kink Your Life, or also in some of her videos.

This very horizontal approach is also found in her communication on social networks, where she allows herself to show her daily life outside of her character, and even sometimes to talk about her family. This is rather rare in this milieu; perhaps more frequent in Anglo-Saxon countries. She doesn't seem to put a clear barrier between her personal life and her activity as a dominatrix. This makes her more accessible and directly sympathetic; it also makes her much more vulnerable to backlash, I suppose.

I finish this presentation of her by specifying that her energy and the great social ease that she gives off make her the ideal woman for this very "daily life-oriented" fetish that is the one of the video.

• Ordering a custom video

• Why Nikky French

Those who have read my article about SM & Fetish clips know that they have an important place in my erotic universe, that's why ordering a personalized video was a logical step for me.

I can't hide that it's also a question of convenience if I decided to choose Nikky French for this custom clip. It's a bit by chance that I came across a promotion tweet from her showing the possibility to order a custom clip for 45$. Which is very cheap compared to the normal! It can sometimes go up to several hundred dollars for the most famous ones, and that is a cost that I can't afford at the moment. I had already contacted Nikky French several months before that, for another future article, and I even had the chance to talk a bit with her about her start in the clips business. In short: the price, this pleasant discussion beforehand, combined with everything that her character had inspired me for a few years... I could only be tempted.

Also, she had told me that she had read my article on these fetish videos! Nothing makes me more thrilled than knowing that I've been read. Like all misunderstood people, I only dream of one thing, and that is to be understood.

• The excitement of placing the order

While I've always loved that moment when you choose what you're going to have at a restaurant, it's nothing compared to how I felt when I filled out the I Want Clips form to order my custom video.

I was really excited, in the end I was even more excited than when I got the video! It's the same thing with my encounters in sessions. My favorite moment is often the first email, or even better, when there is a questionnaire to fill out! I There is nothing more comfortable than the blur of tomorrow, when everything is still possible.

After I placed my order, all of this stayed in my head for more than two hours, and I had only neurons for Nikky French, completely obsessed by her print and what she inspired me. I was physically excited for those two hours and unable to do anything else.

Moreover, the only fact of communicating my request to her, one of my dearest fantasies -although basic- was somehow a source of excitement. First of all, because it immediately put me in a position of weakness: she knows my intimacy, but it is not reciprocal. A power factor. Also, because I am a rather introverted person, the fact of revealing myself is never trivial for me.

I had asked her in a few words for a scenario featuring white socks (by far the fetish that cracks me up the most!), supposedly well worn and smelly, where she would play with her submissive, teasing and humiliating him based on this fetish.

• Emotional involvement with a video aimed at you

This excitement was also found at the delivery of the video.

My heart was racing when I saw that she had sent this filmed fantasy, I was so feverish! And I still am today, six months later, when I open the video for the umpteenth time! I feel a stress that I have never felt with a classic video.

I am very sensitive, sometimes to a caricatured point, and I have the misfortune to intellectualize everything to the extreme. That's probably why this effect is so important on me. Knowing that this video was directly intended for me, that she thought about it and shot it with me in mind a few times, makes my head spin. Part of the stress of watching this video also comes from feeling completely exposed, as mentioned above.

Finally, this bond that exists between her and me through the script order gives me the pleasant impression that there is a bond that goes even further. It's obviously just an impression and nothing more, but it's nice. I think that, again, it comes from being very reserved, and that giving others the slightest hold on me destabilizes me a bit (in the context of these domination-submission relationships, it's only to my greatest pleasure!).

In short, I never thought that just buying a custom clips could have such an emotional impact on me.

• The clip

Below is a 10-second preview (French language)

You can buy this clip on I Want Clips, Clips4sale, or ManyVids

She also offers an Onlyfans account a with a full access to ALL her clips for 40$/month

Right away, her video reminded me of Les filles d'a côté! The enthusiasm and energy in the way she expresses herself very distinctly; the omnipresence of bright colors; the retro decor; her very expressive face... So many things that I like for a video of this type, very fanciful, and that remind me of the famous French sitcom of the 90s.

I can only be very enthusiastic about the overall quality of her clip. You can feel the work. I wonder if she learned everything on her own by looking at the biggest names or if she was advised by experienced producers. This level of quality is amazing when you consider that she has only been shooting POV videos for a year. Maybe she is one of those people who learn quickly when they commit themselves to something, just like Mistress Euryale and her clips.

• The filming

The angle of view is very well controlled: it is not too focused on her feet (but they remain in the forefront) nor on her body. Though, she remains well visible and is not too far from the camera, which allows to enjoy her facial expressions as it should be!

I'm probably sadly atypical in this matter, but I'm not at all attracted by a video where the person is too far from the camera. Sometimes it's just a meter away too much!

Also, this clever filming allows the set to fully exist in the clip, making it easier for the excited viewer to project himself into the scenario, to be integrated in Nikky French's environment and to feel as if he was right in front of her (at least, it is the case for a viewer like me!).

"Aaaahhh... Such an interesting article!"

It is important to know that I do not feel any physical attraction for people, for bodies. Everything else is at stake and goes through the prism of intellectualization, that is perhaps the reason why I give a great importance to insignificant details in spite of myself. Also, I am not a genuine foot fetishist: my interest in them is mostly linked to the humiliation aspect and to the fact that they are a "hidden" part of the body.

• The picture

As mentioned earlier, the video is very colorful, warm and welcoming. This is an aspect I particularly appreciate in these clips, even more when it comes to fetishism. The dynamism of the colors reflects the dynamism of Nikky French and vice versa. The two go very well together and form a coherent whole. I feel like a child in front of a beautiful Pokémon card!

The setting is well done, there are small elements but not too much! It's actually quite an atypical room. I don't think it's her home, but rather a dedicated studio that she uses.

Obviously the video is mostly about her supposedly smelly socks, that was the whole theme of the video! I particularly liked the choice of her outfit, mainly her sneakers and her leopard print shorts. I love sneakers on women, much more than high heels which are a classic.

She wears these wild animal designs very nicely, and I love seeing them on her. Again, I like it so much because it's also something that will never be mine. I like to dress neatly but soberly, never will I be able to wear such patterns, or even other such expressive patterns. I'm a total fan of her sneakers in the video, they get me so excited. She spends the first two minutes wearing them and it's a real pleasure!

• Nikky French's word and behavior

Finally, I come to what I think is the most important thing in such clips: the model's behavior. I'm very used to videos in English language, but the use of French here can be destabilizing at first: I feel like it's getting to me even more, the border of the virtual bond is shrinking.

Nikky French's behavior is for me her biggest strength in her clips. She embodies fantasy, lightness, energy; once again, things that I myself can be lacking and that she offers me by proxy. This approach of hers goes along perfectly with the way I live my fetish. It is visual, unrestrained, direct, abundant, impulsive. It goes straight to the brain and only then do I think about it.

I really like the way she engages the excited viewer, again full of fantasy. It is light and smiling, entertaining. It is easy to notice that she is really comfortable in front of the camera and that she is able to roll out and even improvise without asking herself too many questions. This spontaneity gives birth to a nice and engaging video. She exhibits herself in an uninhibited and non-calculated way, which results in a constant intellectual stimulation in the clip, with no downtime.

This constant stimulation, be it through gesture, physical expression or speech, is very important in videos of this kind. The pressure must be built up, no time must be left for lapses; the video must embody pure fantasy, and there is no time to be bored in a dream. These are my personal tastes anyway, I can't make a generalization. I know that others appreciate a much more settled style, which emphasizes the tension, as one could do "in real life". Some other producers are very good at it. My interest in these clip is quite independent, which is why I am not looking for a substitute for real life situations.

In short, Nikky French shows herself in this clip as a mocking, perverse woman and she could not be more at ease with the torments of the submissive, aware of his weaknesses and determined to play with them. The whole thing is constant and very fast-paced!

Her talent is also to make you see (or make believe?) that she takes pleasure in what she is doing, and that she is delighted to be there with you, on the other side of the screen. She does this very well, and just like a real actress, you can feel that it required her to put herself in a specific situation before starting to film, to enter into a certain mental space.

I can't forget to mention that she is also very talented in the way she plays with her sneakers, her feet, waving them at the spectator.

Finally, if the comparison with Les filles d'à côté -French sitcom- was important to me, it is also because her character and the way she expresses herself is clearly in a fancy manner, even exaggeration, though never getting into a caricature! The perfect dosage to cover you with emotional stimuli, to seize you.

I also noticed the use of a very discreet background music, which does not bother me at all, again in the logic of a constant stimulation of the senses, but this time an unconscious one.

• The final word

I'm delighted with this first experience in ordering a custom fetish clip, and I was lucky that it turned out so well. The approach is very different than with a video that you don't order. Also, as mentioned earlier in the article, I (sadly!) intellectualize things so much that I am stressed about just opening that video, even months later!

My distance relationship (very one-sided!) with Nikky French is not over yet. I also plan to buy her a pair of worn white socks for an upcoming article on fetishism and buying worn stuff. There will be many different profiles and clothes!

For now, some of her other clips are catching my eye...

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