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Interview with Maîtresse Blanche

I met Maîtresse Blanche in January 2020 to ask her some questions. Here is a short report of her answers.

You can follow on her website, so as on Twitter, Fetlife and Onlyfans.

• Maîtresse Blanche: who is she?

Maîtresse Blanche began practicing as a professional mistress around 2015, after several years of experience in a private setting.

Calling herself a dominatrix, Amazon, gynarchist, sadomasochist and polyandrist, she stands out in particular for her attention to detail and her inclination to make no concessions when it comes to her codes of ethics and her world.

At the time of this article, she now has a new location -GNC Blanche- which opened in May 2020. Hospitalisation and medical fetish; nursing and ABDL; imprisonment and sequestration; domestic discipline; religious games; are as many universes and themes that she can offer. She proposes sessions ranging from a minimum of three or four hours to several days.

Before that, Maîtresse Blanche carried out her activity as a pro domme in a more classical setting, with shorter sessions in a dungeon.

• What she likes about domination

More than anything else, Maîtresse Blanche likes to play with other people's emotions, to make them travel, to be master of the game. To her, it is something quite different from sadistic pleasure, which she also has. Mastering the other in his complexity and limits, driving him over rough ground... This is where her pleasure to dominate lies.

Though, her pleasure to dominate could not last in the long term in her life without her main driving force: all the love and tenderness she has for the submission and devotion of the other. Well hidden behind an authoritarian attitude and a sure sadism, she considers that it is this love towards what she calls the deeply submissive, which notably allows her to enjoy what she does that much.

From a more practical point of view, the very advanced aspect of staging in her domination adds to these pleasures. This feature, as well as her appetite for costumes, has developed over the years as her mastery of the practice has become more sophisticated.

As the brainy woman she is and having a busy head, she sometimes derives her pleasure from the smallest details in her sessions, details of which the submissive would be far from even guessing.

• Domination as a profession

The setting up of her activity has led her to develop many different skills, and to learn and discover many things.

Maîtresse Blanche has become a professional in this industry because she sees her approach to BDSM as a lifestyle. Most of her activities and plans are devoted to it. In doing so, becoming a professional was the ideal way for her to dig even deeper into this very strong passion, to make it her own, and to turn it into a complete life.

The professional dimension allows her, through numerous encounters that she would not otherwise be able to do, to reach out to different sensibilities, and new or even more elaborate approaches, thus feeding that lifestyle of hers. While the whole management aspect (communication, answering dozens of emails a week...) does not please her very much, she appreciates greatly the diversity of people that her activity allows her to meet. Creativity, learning and surprises are to be expected, as many things she likes. It also necessarily requires her to adapt to human profiles that can sometimes be very different from her own, and thus demonstrate both plasticity and observation.

Even though Maîtresse Blanche considers that there is nothing therapeutic strictly speaking in her SM (despite, of course, the deep things she can come to stir up), she will nevertheless often try to leave something new, a little extra, to the person who came to see her. Also, perceived as very intuitive by the clients who come to her, she takes pleasure in adapting to what she perceives in them, both fears and desires.

• Her approach to sessions

The intensity of her sessions affects her a lot, mostly in a positive way. It is amont other things that intensity that fascinates her so much in her activity. She feeds off it.

Her preparation for a session differs from case to case. When it is a regular, she will focus on offering new things.

Generally speaking, however, she likes to let herself be inspired when reading the submissive's presentation, and not to impose something too predefined. In metaphorical terms, she builds up a deck of cards from which she can pick, allowing her to improvise during the session.

• Her views on the D/s and the BDSM

Maîtresse Blanche tends to distinguish between the two in a way that I personally had not considered: she emphasizes that one can very well be a masochist and dominant, or a submissive and sadist. However, she points out that more often than not, submissive will indeed go hand in hand with masochism, and vice versa.

Indeed, where the SM is purely a matter of practice, the D/s is a matter of attitude and authority. Moreover, she wonders whether she herself might not have a little bit of masochism, in parallel with her sadism, as she will also enjoy projecting herself into the masochism of the other.

• My thoughts after the interview with Maîtresse Blanche

Gifted with great intellectual curiosity, I find it hard to imagine a Maîtresse Blanche who would totally stop welcoming submissive people. These encounters serve as a giant sandbox for her, where she lets her creativity and her desires express themselves. Thus, to enter her door is to accept to become her modelling clay, and to leave with the shape she has given us.

Moreover, she has a very personal approach to these encounters, which is also why she does not play into the hands of a client who would be too directive in his expectations.

She seems to me to be a very rigorous woman, who will refuse to carry out an idea until she has completely conceptualized it. Free of any rules and having built herself the comfort of not judging herself, I would say that she does not practice domination, but rather her domination. Finally, I was struck by her rather humble and reasoned approach to her work. If she is sure of her qualities and talents, she will always keep the door open for tomorrows, and accepts to be able to grow, to learn, at any time.

Seduced by the intellectualization of the practices that she sets up more than their physical reality, Maîtresse Blanche will only rarely run out of inspiration in this path of domination that is hers, and on which she seems today more committed than ever.


The last word directly for Maîtresse Blanche, who is sometimes surprised by the approach of some subs...

The bdsm is consensual. It is based on consent and the safeword is an essential safeguard to be able to explore far into our emotions, into our practices, into our sweet madnesses. It is an essential pledge of safety for both the submissive and the mistress! A submissive must do his best to satisfy his mistress but NEVER at the expense of his limits. Submission is an attitude, a philosophy, in no way a destructive impulse consisting in denying oneself. Submission must be fulfilling for those who live it...

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